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How to buy Crypto in Australia

A quick guide to buying Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche and more.

buy crypto: step 1

Join a Regulated Exchange

You will need to sign up to an AUSTRAC registered and regulated exchange. We recommend CoinSpot as the largest exchange in Australia.

370+ Cryptocurrencies

They offer the most cryptocurrencies to buy & sell compared to any other digital asset trading platform in Australia.

Feature Packed

CoinSpot offers an NFT Marketplace, NFT Wallets, Cryptocurrency Staking, SMSF support and much more.

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How to buy Crypto in Australia
buy crypto: step 2

Deposit AUD into the Platform

Deposit Australian Dollars (AUD) into the platform with a Bank Transfer, POLi, PayID, Cash, BPAY or other options.

Free AUD deposits

Get access to free AUD deposits with CoinSpot when you deposit Australian Dollars via PayID.

Instant Access

CoinSpot deposits are the fastest in Australia. You will get access to your funds within moments of your deposit.

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Buy over 370 Cryptos on CoinSpot
buy crypto: step 3

Find the Crypto you want to Buy

Select the cryptocurrency you want to buy from CoinSpot's selection of over 370 different digital assets.

The latest in GameFi, DeFi & the Metaverse

CoinSpot are the fastest exchange to list new and innovative tokens. Get access to the highest quality on their platform.

Lowest AUD Fees

Buy Crypto in Australia with low fees starting at 0.1% per transaction.

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Buy Crypto Australia
buy Crypto: step 4

Execute your Crypto Trade

When you find the token you want to invest in, simply input the AUD amount and buy your first Cryptocurrency.

Instant Confirmation

When you buy Crypto with CoinSpot, the transaction is finalised instantly.

Stored in a Secure Wallet

Once the transaction is completed, the Crypto you purchased will be stored in your CoinSpot managed wallet.

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Buy Bitcoin in Australia

Best Places to buy Crypto in Australia

A comparison of the best 4 places to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in Australia.

Account Features
Available Cryptocurrencies
Trading Fees
0.1% - 1%
Cryptocurrency Staking
24/7 Priority Support
Deposit Methods
NFT Marketplace
Users in Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

A summary of the most frequently asked questions we receive from crypto investors in Australia.

Is it Legal to Buy Crypto in Australia?

The complete tax status of cryptocurrency and crypto staking in Australia is still being determined by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). However, buying Crypto is legal and is generally treated as an asset for capital gains tax purposes. This means that if you buy a cryptocurrency and then sell it at a profit, you may be liable for capital gains tax.

If you are thinking of buying cryptocurrency in Australia, it is important to do your research and be aware of the risks involved. Cryptocurrency is a volatile market and prices can go up and down very quickly. You should seek advice from a professional Crypto Financial Advisor in Australia before making your first investment.

What is the Cheapest Exchange to buy Crypto in Australia?

The cheapest cryptocurrency exchange in Australia at the moment is CoinSpot who offer 0.1% on trading fees through their market orders. It is important to note that they only offer market orders for 20 cryptocurrencies, and not the full 320 listed on their trading platform.

The cheapest instant buy cryptocurrency exchange in Australia is SwyftX who offer 0.6% fees per transaction, compared to CoinSpot who charge 1% per instant trade.

What is the best Deposit Method to buy Crypto?

For Australian investors the cheapest and fastest deposit method to buy cryptocurrencies is generally PayID/Osko.

They are typically instant deposits on major Australian exchanges like CoinSpot, SwyftX, Independent Reserve and others.It is important to note that the first deposit via PayID or Osko is sometimes held by your bank for 24 hours.

All subsequent deposits and withdrawals will be instant from your bank account.

Best Crypto to buy right now?

The best Cryptocurrency to buy right now is difficult to say due to the turbulent market conditions.

That said, our team is most looking forward to the Ethereum Merge that is taking place in Q4 2022 that is expected to add deflationary pressure to the supply of ETH tokens on the market.

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I often move my tokens across different networks to take advantage of stablecoin yields. The BCA bridging guides really helped me find the easiest & cheapest way to move multi-chain.
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I found the easiest way to get ETF exposure to cryptocurrency with BCA. I was able to invest in CoinSpot's Bundle of NFT coins to get investment exposure to the metaverse.
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We were able to connect to the best OTC brokers through the BCA team to get access to deep liquidity on BTC, ETH and other assets. They walked us through the process from end-to-end.
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