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CoinSpot vs Digital Surge

Quick-Take: CoinSpot is the superior exchange over Digital Surge because they offer cryptocurrency staking and  an NFT Wallet/Marketplace. Their platform offers more diverse features for DeFi users for passive income.

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CoinSpot vs Digital Surge: Which is the better centralised cryptocurrency exchange for Australian investors? In this article, we will compare the two Aussie crypto trading platforms to see which one offers the best fees, features, security and selection of cryptocurrencies.

CoinSpot vs Digital SurgeDigital Surge vs CoinSpot
Cryptos Available
Trading Fees
0.1% - 1%
Crypto Staking
NFT Marketplace
24/7 Local Support
Overall Best

Table of Contents

CoinSpot vs Digital Surge: Fees

CoinSpot offers the cheapest fees to trade major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, or Ethereum at 0.1% with their Market Order feature. For instant buys, they charge a fee of 1% for the rest of the cryptocurrencies available on their platform.

Digital Surge on the other hand charges 0.5% for all transactions on their exchange. This includes Instant Buys, OTC Buys, Market Buys and more.

Winner: CoinSpot is a cheaper platform to buy majors like Bitcoin or Ethereum with their 0.1% fee via the Market Order feature.

CoinSpot's transparent fees disclosure.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

CoinSpot has the largest selection of cryptocurrencies out of any Australian based exchange. They have over 350 cryptocurrencies available to buy, sell and trade. These include the latest Layer 1's, DeFi protocols, GameFi & NFT tokens.

Digital Surge also has a large selection, offering their users 300 tokens to choose from. They offer slightly fewer of the latest DeFi, NFT and Metaverse tokens compared to CoinSpot.

CoinSpot vs Digital Surge: Crypto Staking

CoinSpot currently offers over 25 digital assets to stake and earn up to 78% interest (this is with Axie Infinity AXS staking). Their platform charges 0 fees to stake tokens like Avalanche, Ethereum,, Tezos, BNB, Algorand and many others. CoinSpot has had Crypto Staking features on their exchange since 2020, which is the longest compared to other platforms.

Digital Surge recently launched their Crypto Staking options, offering a total of 11 coins to start.Their platform lets you earn up to 23% yearly on your crypto assets, with the highest yield coming from the KAVA token.

CoinSpot vs Digital Surge Staking
Stake Crypto with Digital Surge Earn.

Winner: CoinSpot wins again with more optionality, and higher DeFi yields.

CoinSpot vs Digital Surge: Security

CoinSpot is the only Australian based cryptocurrency exchange to have obtained the ISO 27001 certification. This makes it Australia's highest security exchange. Both platforms are fully regulated under AUSTRAC and fulfil all of the relevant financial reporting to combat money laundering.

NFT Marketplaces

CoinSpot is the only platform in Australia that offers an NFT Marketplace. Their NFT platform lets you buy and sell the best NFT collections available on the OpenSea marketplace, which includes Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Azuki Zen, Invisible Friends and man others. Their platform charges a 1% fee, which is much cheaper than alternatives like OpenSea or Rarible.

Digital Surge does not offer an NFT Marketplace, and has not announced any plans to support NFTs or NFT Wallets in the near future.

Winner: CoinSpot is the best Australian exchange if you are looking for a secure NFT Wallet, or NFT Marketplace.

NFT Collections available on the CoinSpot Marketplace.

Features & Functionality

To summarise, we have highlighted the key features that Digital Surge and CoinSpot have to offer below:

  1. Staking available on 30+ cryptocurrencies with high yields
  2. Low fees starting at 0.1%
  3. Bundles (like ETFs) available on multiple cryptocurrencies
  4. OTC Desk - Direct access to a broker for all trading enquiries
  5. AUD Instant buy when using supported deposit methods
  6. 24/7 Live Support customer service

  1. Pay bills with bitcoin - users can pay Australian Credit Cards and bills
  2. Educational Articles - provide a wide range of crypto news
  3. 24/7 Live Support customer service
  4. Cryptocurrency staking for 11 different assets

Final Verdict

CoinSpot is the clear winner when compared to Digital Surge because they offer more variety, better features and lower fees to trade cryptocurrencies. Their platform is the gold-standard in Australia for digital asset trading, security and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CoinSpot or Digital Surge cheaper to use?

CoinSpot is cheaper if you are looking to buy major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Solana thanks to their 0.1% fee.

This is only available via their Market Buy feature. For Instant Buy users, Digital Surge is cheaper because their fee is 0.5% compared to CoinSpot at 1%.

CoinSpot or Digital Surge for NFTs?

CoinSpot is the only exchange in Australia that offers an NFT Marketplace and Wallet. Digital Surge does not offer any NFT features on their platform.

CoinSpot or Digital Surge for Crypto Staking?

Digital Surge does not offer cryptocurrency staking. CoinSpot offers staking for over 30 cryptos.

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