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CommSec Review

Summary: CommSec is Australia's largest and most trusted online brokerage platform for a reason. They offer the lowest fees, widest range of markets and the most secure application.

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CommSec is Australia’s largest online share brokerage account that is spearheaded by Australia’s largest bank the Commonwealth Bank. Founded in 1997, CommSec has grown to become the most popular trading option for Aussie investors looking to get access to the ASX, US stocks and popular ETFs and commodities.

In this review, we breakdown the CommSec trading platform, mobile app, available markets, trading fees and much more.

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CommSec Available Markets

CommSec offers the widest variety of tradable markets compared to other share trading platforms in Australia. This is because CommSec is run by the Commonwealth Bank, which enables their platform to have very deep liquidity across a wide range of markets. The following is an example of the markets available on CommSec:

Buying Gold on CommSec
  • All stocks listed on the ASX
  • Popular ASX and US based ETFs
  • Fixed income securities and bonds
  • Cryptocurrencies (soon)
  • Options
  • Global markets including NYSE, TSE, Hang Seng and much more

CommSec Fees

It is completely free to open up a brokerage account as a Personal or Company/Trust investor on the CommSec platform. There are also zero monthly or annual account keeping fees charged by CommSec.

Outside of that, there are brokerage fees for settling transactions from your Commonwealth Bank account. These are as follows:

  • $10.00 for trades up to $1,000 AUD in value
  • $19.95 for trades over $1,000 and up to $10,000 AUD in value
  • $29.95 for trades over $10,000 and up to $25,000 AUD in value
  • 0.12% for trades over $25,000 AUD in value

How to Sign up to CommSec App

Signing up to CommSec is incredibly easy and can be done even if you are banking with another Australian bank like ANZ or NAB. The easiest way to get started on the CommSec App is by signing up via your Android or iOS mobile.

CommSec Mobile App

From there, simply select which account type (depending on your bank) and follow the prompts. You will be able to get on-boarded and verified to trade on the CommSec platform within 24 hours.

Best ETFs on CommSec

With so many different ETFs available on CommSec, it can be difficult to find the right ones to start investing in. That said, we believe looking at historical performance is a great way to gauge the strength of the ETFs on CommSec (not financial advice).

The list below provides some examples of the most popular ETFs on CommSec over the last few years:

  • BetaShares NASDAQ 100 (NDQ) - Tracks performance of NASDAQ 100 index
  • BetaSharesS&P 500 Equal Weight ETF (QUS) - Exposure to leading 500 US companies
  • BetaShares A200 (A200) - Tracks the 200 largest ASX companies
  • ETFS Physical Gold (GOLD) - Tracks the spot gold price

Invest in Bonds CommSec

With a lot of discussion around the US Federal Reserve hiking interest rates up to 5 times in 2022, there is a lot of renewed interest in bonds as an investment class this year. The best way to invest in Bonds via CommSec is to first select the country's Bond you want to invest in.

For example, if you want to invest in Australian Government Bonds on CommSec, you should check out the Australian Government Bond fund (AGVT). If you are interested in investing in Australian Government and Australian State-Government bonds - you can check out the Vanguard Australian Government Bond INDEX (VGB).

CommSec vs CommSec Pocket

CommSec Pocket is a great alternative for investors that are complete beginners. It is Australia’s most popular micro-investing app that offers 7 different ETFs and a much easier user experience for new investors.

If you are looking for diversified exposure, more markets, better trade execution and lower fees - the CommSec brokerage platform is still your best bet.

CommSec Alternatives

The table below compares the best two alternatives against CommSec. Find out which brokerage comes out on top as the best in Australia.

eToro CommSec AlternativeSelfWealth CommSec Alternative
Trading Fees
AUD Deposit Options
Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer, PayID, PayPal, Credit Card or Osko
Crypto Trading
ASIC Licensed
24/7 Local Support
Overall Best
Visit CommSec

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