How to add the ETHW Network to MetaMask

To add the Ethereum POW (ETHW) network to your MetaMask Wallet, you will need to input the RPC information into your network settings. The MetaMask network settings can be found by opening your MetaMask Wallet browser extension and selecting the 'add network button'.

The official RPC details for ETHW core are as follows:

The correct configuration of this information should look identical to the screenshot outlined below.

ETHW MetaMask
How to configure ETHW on MetaMask.

What is Ethereum POW?

Ethereum POW is a new Ethereum hard fork that occurred on the 16th of September, 2022. The hard fork implemented a few key changes to the Ethereum network, including the removal of EIP-1559 to benefit miners by creating more token issuance and inflation that they can claim as block rewards.

As part of the hard fork, a new cryptocurrency, called Ethereum POW (ETHW), was created. ETHW is an airdrop that occurred to all holders of ETH at the time of the fork. This token is extremely risky and will most likely continue to decrease in value over time as miners accumulate and sell coins on market.

You can monitor on-chain network health on

Can I sell my ETHW Airdrop?

Yes, the best way to sell your Ethereum POW (ETHW) airdrop is by sending your tokens to a cryptocurrency exchange. The on-chain liquidity for EthereumPOW is very low, which means if you try to sell ETHW tokens on a DEX you will be faced with high slippage.

The best exchange in Australia right now to sell ETHW tokens is FTX. Their platform has the deepest and most liquid market for Ethereum POW on both spot and futures contracts.