Can I add Klaytn to a MetaMask wallet?

Yes, any EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible network can be added to a MetaMask Web3 wallet. Klaytn adopted the same virtual machine as Ethereum, and functions closely like the Ethereum network but at a much faster pace. Therefore making it EVM-compatible.

Any application, protocol, exchange and project that can run on the Ethereum network will run seamlessly within the Klaytn ecosystem by making Klaytn's technical stack equivalent to the existing Ethereum stack.

Klaytn Foundation
Klaytn Foundation.

How to add the Klaytn network to MetaMask

In this guide, we show Australian investors how to add the Klaytn network to a MetaMask wallet. Follow the below steps get started.

  1. Open up MetaMask and click 'Networks'.
  2. Select 'Add a network' and you will be redirected to a form.
  3. Fill in the below RPC details into the form and tap 'Add Network'.
How to add the Klaytn network to MetaMask.
How to add the Klaytn network to MetaMask.

What are the Klaytn RPC details for MetaMask

Here you can find the RPC details for the Klaytn network. These details can be checked and verified by referring to Klaytns Medium.

Klaytn RPC Details.
Klaytn RPC Details.

About Klaytn

Klaytn is a blockchain network created by Kakao, the South Korean internet giant. The goal of Klaytn is to provide a blockchain platform that is easy to use and scalable, so that mass adoption of blockchain technology can be achieved.

The network achieves this by providing a user-friendly interface and various services that can be used on the platform. For example, there are services for digital wallets, payments, and loyalty programs. Developers can also easily create dapps (decentralised applications) on Klaytn.

Bottom Line

Adding the Klaytn network to a MetaMask wallet is an easy and straightforward process. Once you have added the Klaytn network to your MetaMask wallet, you can easily manage and transact with your KLAY tokens, as well as interact with dapps on the Klaytn network.