Can I add Sei to MetaMask?

MetaMask does not permit users to integrate the Sei network into its application. Sei is coded in a different language, not utilizing the EVM-based scripting language, Solidity. MetaMask predominantly supports blockchains written in Solidity which are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) such as Avalanche, Fantom, or Arbitrum. However, it's worth noting that you can store the network's native utility token, SEI, in the wallet.

How to add Sei Wallet (Keplr) to Browser

As previously stated, to use the Sei Network, which is not EVM-compatible and unsupported by MetaMask, you must use an alternate wallet like Keplr. Keplr is a wallet for Cosmos SDK-enabled chains and is recommended for Sei Network. It is considered the most secure and reliable asset custodian on Sei.

Follow this short and simple guide to get started:

  1. Go to the Keplr website and click 'Install Keplr'.
  2. Choose your device for installation (Chrome, Firefox, iOS, or Android).
  3. Finish the setup process, securely storing your seed phrase offline.
  4. Connect to the Sei Network, and you can now interact with DApps.
How to add Sei Wallet (Keplr) to Browser

What is the Sei network?

Sei is an open-source Layer 1 blockchain uniquely developed to exchange digital assets. Boasting groundbreaking consensus and technical features, it holds the distinction of being the industry's speediest blockchain. While often mistaken for a DeFi chain, Sei's asset trading capabilities cater to diverse sectors like gaming, social, and NFTs.

It resolves the fundamental challenge of blockchain: the efficient exchange of digital assets. High-performing Web3 apps primarily deal in indirect (e.g., Uniswap / OpenSea via Metamask) or direct trading, often masquerading as games or NFT marketplaces (e.g., Axie or Magic Eden). On-chain trading and digital asset exchange are growing rapidly due to increasing regulatory scrutiny on centralized exchanges and wider crypto adoption. 


To conclude, the Sei network's incompatibility with MetaMask is due to its distinct non-EVM-based infrastructure. As such, users seeking to utilise the Sei network need to look beyond MetaMask to wallets developed with the Go programming language, such as Keplr or hardware options like Ledger. These alternatives permit efficient interaction with DApps and DEXs within the Sei ecosystem.