What is the Sui network?

The Sui network, developed by Mysten Labs, is a blockchain platform designed to provide efficient and secure data management solutions. The Sui network utilises a unique consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Authority (PoA), which allows for fast transaction speeds and low energy consumption.

One key feature of the Sui network is its use of smart contracts, which can automate various processes such as contract execution and asset management. Additionally, the Sui network offers customisable privacy options through its use of ring signatures and stealth addresses. To interacr with the Sui network, you will need to install its native crypto wallet, Sui Wallet.

Sui Wallet.
Sui Wallet.

How to add Sui Wallet to your browser

There is only one crypto wallet that can currently interact with the Sui network and that is Sui Wallet. In this guide, we show Australian investors how to download and add the Web3 wallet to a Google Chrome extension. The entire process takes around two minutes to complete. Get started now with these three simple steps.

  1. Download the Sui Wallet from the Google Chrome Store.
  2. Once the extension has been added, click 'Create a New Wallet'.
  3. Create a password, then your Sui Wallet will appear in your extensions.
How to add Sui Wallet to your browser.
How to add Sui Wallet to your browser.

Can I get the Sui Testnet tokens?

Before you can interact with the Sui blockchain, you will need to obtain some Sui Testnet Tokens. Below is a comprehensive guide to getting the Sui Testnet Tokens.

Are there alternative wallets for the Sui network?

No, there is currently zero alternative wallets that can connect to the Sui blockchain. This is because the network is still relatively new, however, more Web3 wallets will come available in the future.