How to bridge Crypto from Avalanche to Cronos

Summary: In this step-by-step guide, we outline the most affordable and secure way to bridge crypto from the Avalanche C-Chain to the Cronos ( network. Connect your Metamask or Web3 wallet to Synapse, a multi-chain DEX that facilitates bridging on the platform.

James O'Connell
May 22, 2022
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To bridge crypto between two networks you will need to use a bridging protocol and connect your Web3 Wallet to the platform. Once your wallet is connected you choose between 15 different networks to bridge to and from.

In the below article you can find the RPC details for Avalanche and Cronos, a step-by-step guide on bridging between blockchains and the total fees for the bridging process.

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Where to Bridge Tokens from Avalanche to Cronos

Synapse is the best DeFi application for bridging as it has the lowest fees, fastest bridging times and largest selection of networks to bridge between. Not only does it have the best bridging services but you can also trade and stake cryptocurrencies on the platform. 

Besides it’s features, fees and speeds, it also has the largest bridging volume out of any Dapp (Decentralized App) in the world. Synapse averages about $1B in bridging volume a month since they launched in late 2021. 

To learn more about Synapse, you can visit our Synapse Review page. Find out about their security, fees, assets, features and more.

Synapse Home Page

How to Bridge Crypto from Avalanche to Cronos

In the example we will use SYN (the native token of Synapse) as the bridging token. You can also send USDC, USDT, nUSD, DAI & gOHM. Follow the below steps to get started:

Step One: Visit Synapse and connect your Metamask Wallet
Step Two: Select Avalanche and Cronos as the two blockchains
Step Three: Input the amount of SYN (or whichever token) you want to bridge

Avalanche to Cronos Bridge - Synapse

Step Four: Confirm the two transactions on Metamask and your funds in will arrive in your wallet within a minute

Permission access Metamask - Synapse

Cronos & Avalanche RPC Details

Before bridging crypto from Avalanche to Cronos you will need to add their RPC details into your Metamask wallet. Simply select ‘Networks’ in your Metamask extension and press ‘Add Networks’ then put in the below details.

Avalanche to Cronos Bridging Fees

When bridging between Avalanche and Cronos you will typically be charged two fees.

  • Bridging Fee: The bridging fee is the gas fee that is charged to bridge between networks
  • Network Transaction Fee: This fee is automatically taken out of the total funds you will receive and you can find this figure in the bridging details (refer to the photo above)

The total bridging costs to bridge from Avalanche to Cronos on Synapse is around $3USD. Most major DEXs or bridging protocols will charge between $10 - $20 USD. If you use SYN (the native token of Synapse) as the bridging token, Synapse offers 0% slippage and even lower transaction fees. 

Bridge AVAX to Cronos

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