Where to Bridge Crypto from Avalanche to Cronos

Synapse is the best DeFi application for bridging from Avalanche to Cronos as it has the lowest fees, fastest transaction times and largest selection of bridging tokens. In addition to bridging between networks, you can also trade and stake multiple cryptocurrencies on the platform. 

Besides its features, fees and speed, it also has the largest bridging volume out of any Dapp (Decentralised Application) in the world. Additionally, it is one of the few bridges that actually provides a customer support team, you can reach their support via Discord, Telegram, Twitter and their forum.

Synapse Protocol.
Synapse Protocol.

How to Bridge from Avalanche to Cronos

The best and most secure way to bridge cryptocurrencies from Avalanche to Cronos is through Synapse protocol. In the example we will use SYN (the native token of Synapse) as the bridging token, but you can also send USDC, USDT, nUSD, DAI & gOHM. Follow the below steps to bridge your funds from Avalanche to Cronos.

  1. Visit Synapse and connect one of the following wallets; MetaMask, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet or Binance Wallet.
  2. Select Avalanche and Cronos as the two blockchains and choose one of the above-mentioned tokens to bridge.
  3. Input the amount of SYN (or your selected token) that you want to bridge to Cronos, and tap 'Approve SYN'.
  4. Confirm the two transactions on your Web3 wallet and your funds in will arrive within minutes.
How to Bridge from Avalanche to Cronos.
How to Bridge from Avalanche to Cronos.

Cronos & Avalanche RPC Details for MetaMask

Before bridging crypto from Avalanche to Cronos you will need to add both of their RPC details into your MetaMask or Web3 wallet. Simply select ‘Networks’ in your MetaMask extension, click ‘Add Networks’ and fill in the below details into your MetaMask 'Add a network' form.

MetaMask 'Add a Network' form.
MetaMask 'Add a Network' form.

Avalanche to Cronos Bridging Fees

When you use a bridging platform, you will typically need to pay for around 2 - 4 transactions. However, Synapse only incurs two sets of fees through its protocol.

  • Bridging Fee: The bridging fee is the gas fee that is charged to bridge between networks.
  • Network Transaction Fee: This fee is automatically taken out of the total funds you will receive and you can find this figure in the bridging details.

The total bridging costs to bridge from Avalanche to Cronos on Synapse is around $3-5AUD. Most major DEXs or bridging protocols will charge anywhere between $10 - $20AUD. Furthermore, if you use SYN (the native token of Synapse) as the bridging token, Synapse offers a guaranteed 0% slippage and even lower transaction fees.