Can I Bridge Crypto from Cronos to Fantom

Yes, there are a few platforms you can use to bridge tokens between these two networks. We recommend using Synapse, a cross-chain DEX (decentralised exchange) that offers bridging on its platform. It is the largest bridging protocol in DeFi in terms of total bridging volume and users. 

In addition to bridging services, Synapse also offers a Crypto-to-Crypto swap feature and staking across 13 different networks. It is the only multi-chain protocol to offer cryptocurrency staking across multiple blockchain networks. In total, the platform offers bridging between 17 chains.

Synapse Protocol.
Synapse Protocol.

How to Bridge from Cronos to Fantom Opera

Before you can bridge between these two networks, you will need to have downloaded one of the following supported Web3 Wallets; MetaMask, Wallet Connect, Binance Wallet or Coinbase Wallet. Once you have downloaded a wallet, you can follow these steps to bridge your crypto from Cronos to Fantom Opera:

  1. Connect your MetaMask or preferred Web3 Wallet to Synapse Protocol.
  2. Select Cronos and Fantom Opera as your two blockchain networks.
  3. Find the token you want to bridge and enter the amount you want to send.
  4. Approve the transactions on your wallet and your funds will arrive within a minute

Keep in mind that each blockchain has its own rules for how transactions are processed, so you may need to wait a bit longer for your transaction to be confirmed on Fantom than you would on Cronos. The maximum time you will need to wait will be 5 minutes.

How to Bridge from Cronos to Fantom Opera.
How to Bridge from Cronos to Fantom Opera.

Add Fantom Opera & Cronos RPC Details to MetaMask

Prior to bridging from Cronos to Fantom, you will need to have added both networks to your MetaMask or Web3 wallet. To do this, simply open up MetaMask, click on 'Networks', scroll to the bottom and tap 'Add Networks' then fill in the RPC details as per below:

MetaMask: Add a Network Form.
MetaMask: Add a Network Form.

Available Bridging Tokens (Cryptocurrencies)

There are a variety of tokens you can bridge between Cronos and Fantom, however, the cryptocurrency you send might not be the token you receive. This is because not every network will support the same tokens. Refer to the list below for a break down of the available bridging tokens on Synapse protocol. 

  1. USDC > USDC or USDT
  2. nUSD > nUSD
  3. gOHM > gOHM
  4. SYN > SYN

Bridging Fees: Cronos & Fantom Opera

Whenever you bridge between any blockchains it's important to check the fees before you begin, as you'll need to pay fees in order to complete the transaction/s. On Synapse, users will be charged two fees, the bridging fee and the network transaction (gas) fee. To bridge from Cronos to Fantom, the fee will total to around $5 AUD (depending on the total amount).