How to Bridge Crypto from Ethereum to Fantom

Summary: In this short guide we show Australian investors how to bridge cryptocurrencies between the Ethereum and Fantom networks. To bridge from Ethereum to Fantom you will need to use a secure bridging protocol like Synapse.

James O'Connell
May 25, 2022
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Bridging tokens from the Ethereum Mainnet to Fantom Opera is easier than ever through the Synapse protocol. We recommend using Synapse as it offers the lowest fees and fastest transactions out of any bridging platform. You can bridge over 15 networks on Synapse including Avalanche, Cronos, BNB Chain and more.

If you are interested in learning more about Synapse and its features, we recommend reading this Synapse review.

Synapse Bridge Home Page

Table of Contents

How to transfer Crypto from Ethereum mainnet to Fantom opera 

In the guide below we outline the fastest and most affordable way to bride crypto between Ethereum and Fantom. We will use USDC as the bridging token but you can also send USDT, DAI, gOHM, SYN, USDB, nUSD, ETH, nUSD & SDT. Follow the steps to get started.

Step One: Visit Synapse and connect your Metamask Wallet
Step Two:
Select Ethereum and Fantom as your two networks
Step Three:
Input the amount of USDC you want to bridge

Bridge from ETH to FTM Synapse

Step Four: Confirm the transactions on Metamask and your funds in will arrive in your wallet within a minute

Access Permission on Metamask - Synapse
Bridge USDC from Ethereum to Fantom on Synapse Protocol

Fantom RPC Details

To transfer your tokens from Ethereum to Fantom you will first need to add Fantom to your networks on Metamask. Simply click on networks in your Metamask extension and select ‘Add Network’ then fill in the below details. 

Bridging Fees: Ethereum to Fantom 

When bridging between two networks it’s important to consider the fees that are involved. Most bridging platforms will charge typically two fees - the bridging fee and the network transaction fee (some exchanges charge more). 

  • Bridging Fee - This is the gas fee, you can find the total when you press ‘Approve USDC’
  • Network Transaction Fee - This is the fee charged to bridge between networks, the total is highlighted in the information left to the slippage amount

Synapse offers 0% slippage and low network transaction fees when you choose SYN as your bridging token. They offer this to incentivise their users to buy their native token SYN. If you wish to purchase SYN, you can buy it on multiple DEXs (decentralised exchange) like UniSwap or Trader Joe. 

ETH to FTM Bridge

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James O'Connell has been writing about traditional markets for over 5 years. He pivoted to writing about digital assets after learning about lending protocols like AAVE and Compound.

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