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How to Bridge Crypto from Harmony to Cronos

Summary: This guide shows Australian investors how to bridge (transfer) their cryptocurrencies off the Harmony One network to the Cronos network. To bridge tokens between any blockchain networks you will need to use a bridging protocol like Synapse.

Austin Barwick
August 13, 2022

What happened to the Harmony One (Horizon) Bridge? Unfortunately the Harmony One network was recently the subject of a massive cyber attack where hackers were able to get away with $100M worth of funds from the Horizon (Harmony One) Bridge. It was one of the largest crypto hacks in 2022 and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has opened an investigation to find the attackers.

Below you can see an official statement put out by the Harmony One team on Twitter.

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Where to bridge Crypto from Harmony One to Cronos?

As the native bridge of Harmony, Horizon/Harmony One bridge was recently hacked, it is no longer available to use. There is only one other bridging platform that allows direct bridging between these two networks. Synapse protocol is a multi-chain DEX (decentralised exchange) that allows bridging between 16 networks.

On Synapse, you can bridge, trade and stake on 15 different networks - Arbitrum, Aurora, Avalanche, Boba Network, Binance Smart Chain, Cronos, Ethereum, Klaytn, DFK Chain, Harmony, Fantom, Terra, Polygon, Metis, Moonbeam, Moonriver & Optimism.

Bridging Statistics
Bridging Statistics


Harmony One & Cronos RPC details for Metamask

Before you bridge crypto from Harmony One to Cronos, you will need to add both networks to your Metamask wallet. Below you will find the RPC details for both networks.


How to bridge from Harmony One to Cronos network

The fastest and most affordable way to bridge crypto from Harmony One to the Cronos network is through Synapse Protocol. In the below example, we use SYN as the bridging token but there are a variety you can choose from. Follow the steps to get started.

  1. Connect your Metamask Web3 wallet to Synapse
  2. Select Harmony and Cronos as your two networks
  3. Find the token you want to bridge and enter the amount
Bridge Crypto Harmony to Cronos
  1. Approve the transactions on your Metamask and the funds will appear in your wallet within minutes
Bridge SYN Harmony to Cronos
Bridge Crypto from Harmony to Cronos on Synapse


What tokens can I bridge from Harmony One to Cronos?

As Harmony One was the subject of a huge cyber attack, many tokens are unavailable to withdraw from the network. And ones that can be withdrawn may be subject to extreme negative slippages. Refer to the list below for the available tokens and slippage tolerances.

  • USDC - 85% negative slippage
  • USDT - 87% negative slippage
  • DAI - 85% negative slippage
  • nUSD - 0% slippage
  • gOHM - 0% slippage
  • SYN - 0% slippage
Harmony One to Cronos Bridge

Author Bio

Austin is a NFT and Metaverse maniac - with over 20% of his portfolio invested into the space. He is our resident multi-chain NFT expert.

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