How to Bridge Crypto Polygon Mainnet to Cronos Network

Summary: This guide shows investors how to bridge cryptocurrency tokens between the Polygon Mainnet and the Cronos Network. To bridge tokens between any networks you will need to use a secure bridging protocol like Synapse.

Timothy Wilson
June 19, 2022
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Polygon is a decentralised blockchain that is EVM compatible. It is a popular network for retail users and has projects launched on it from reputable brands like Adidas, Prada, Instagram & Stripe. It currently supports over 20 thousand dApps (decentralised applications) on its network.

Cronos was the first blockchain network to interoperate with both the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems. The chain provides builders with the ability to instantly port apps and crypto assets from other chains with low cost and high transaction speeds. It is the native network of the cryptocurrency exchange,

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Where to Bridge Crypto from Polygon to Cronos

There are three bridging protocols that allow bridging between Polygon and Cronos. Of those three, only two allow direct bridging, meaning you can bridge directly from Polygon to Cronos without needing to go through an intermediate network. The two platforms that allow direct bridging are Multichain Bridge and Synapse Protocol.

Synapse Protocol is significantly better than Multichain as you can choose from a larger selection of bridging tokens (USDC, USDT etc), the fees are significantly lower and the transaction speed is much faster. The whole bridging process on Synapse takes around 1 minute to complete and only costs $5AUD in total. In addition to bridging crypto, you can also trade and stake tokens on Synapse.

Synapse Bridging Statistics
Synapse Bridging Statistics

How to Bridge Crypto from Polygon Mainnet to Cronos network

In the below guide we show Australian investors the easiest way to bridge crypto from the Polygon Mainnet to the Cronos network. Follow the steps to get started.

  1. Go to Synapse Protocol and connect your Metamask wallet
  2. Select Polygon and Cronos as your two networks
  3. Input the amount of USDC you want to bridge
  4. Confirm the transactions in your Metamask and the funds will arrive within a minute

RPC Details: Cronos & Polygon

Before you can bridge between these two networks you will need to add both networks to your Metamask Web3 Wallet. Below you will find the RPC details of both networks, simply fill them in on the Add Networks form through Metamask to add the two chains.

Add Cronos RPC Details to Metamask
Add Cronos RPC Details to Metamask

What Crypto can I Bridge from Polygon to Cronos?

Synapse protocol offers the largest amount of cryptocurrencies that you can bridge between these two networks. In saying that, you can bridge some tokens from Polygon and receive different ones on Cronos. Refer to the list below to see what cryptocurrencies you can send and receive on these two networks.

If you are looking for the lowest cost bridging token, we recommend using SYN, it is the native token of Synapse Protocol. Synapse offers a guaranteed 0% slippage and 1SYN network transaction fee when using SYN as the bridging token. You can buy SYN on SushiSwap or through Trader Joe on the Avalanche network.

Polygon to Cronos Bridge

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