Where can I Bridge Crypto from Ethereum to Solana?

Ethereum is a decentralised, open-source blockchain network with smart contract functionality created in 2013 by a programmer, Vitalik Buterin. It is second only to Bitcoin in market capitalisation on the global cryptocurrency markets. Solana is a blockchain network and is Ethereum's largest competitor. It aims to scale beyond what is achieved by popular blockchains while keeping costs low.

There is only one way to bridge your cryptocurrencies from any network (including Ethereum) to the Solana blockchain and that is through Portal Token Bridge, the native bridge of Solana. Solana is not an EVM-compatible network therefore users cannot store their funds on popular wallet providers like MetaMask. To use this bridge you will need to have a Solana Web3 wallet like Solflare.

Portal Token Bridge.
Portal Token Bridge.

How to Bridge Crypto Ethereum to Solana

Bridging cryptocurrencies from Ethereum will require you to have two Web3 wallets - an Ethereum one like MetaMask and a Solana one like Solflare. Before you follow these steps you will need to have both wallets installed. You can refer to the paragraph below for a list of Solana-supported wallets. Follow the below guide to bridge your crypto from Ethereum to Solana.

  1. Go to Portal Token Bridge and connect your MetaMask Web3 Wallet.
  2. Select ‘Ethereum’ & ‘Solana’ as your two blockchain networks.
  3. Find the token you want to send, in our example we use Ethereum.
  4. Type in the amount of Ethereum you want to send and select ‘Next’.
  5. Follow the prompts, approve the transactions and enter the receiving Solana address.
How to Bridge Crypto Ethereum to Solana.
How to Bridge Crypto Ethereum to Solana.

Solana Crypto Web3 Wallets

Before you bridge your tokens from Ethereum to Solana you will first need to add a Solana supported wallet provider. These are the Web3 wallets currently supported on Portal Token Bridge - Solflare, Sollet, Torus, Phantom, Clover, Coin98, Slope, Solong & Exodus. We recommend using Solflare as it is the most popular and secure Solana-based cryptocurrency wallet.

Solflare Wallet.
Solflare Wallet.

Available Bridging Tokens: Ethereum to Solana

Below you can find a detailed break down of the available bridging tokens that Portal Token Bridge supports between the Ethereum and Solana networks:

Ethereum, Huobi BTC, Decentraland, Yearn.finance, 1inch Network, Solana USDT, agEUR, USDK, UniSwap, Cream, The Sandbox, Binance Coin, Solana USDC, PAX Gold, Serum Wormhole from Ethereum, Hxro, Binance USD Wormhole, FTX, Chainlink, USD Coin, Lido DAO, Dai, SushiSwap, Binance USD Wormhole from BSC, Aave, Matic Wormhole, Avalanche, Solana and Tether.