How to Bridge ETH to BNB Chain (BSC)

James O'Connell
May 22, 2022
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In this simple guide, we show you the best and quickest way to bridge between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain using a Metmask account.

Complete the bridging with two simple steps, first, connect your Metamask wallet to Synapse. Then bridge your funds between the two networks in two quick transactions.

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Can I bridge from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain?

Yes, Synapse is a multi-bridging protocol that allows investors to bridge between several networks. The networks available are Ethereum, Terra, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Aurora, Boba Network, Cronos, DFK Chain, Harmony, Polygon, Metis, Moonbeam, Moonriver & Optimism. You can easy connect your Metamask wallet to this protocol and bridge between any of the above-mentioned blockchains.

Additional to Metmask, Synapse also supports Wallet Connect, Binance Smart Chain Wallet, Coinbase Wallet & Terra Station.

How and Where to bridge from ETH to BSC

When bridging between ETH and BSC the only tokens that you can receive on BSC are either BUSD (Binance USD) and SYN, the native token of Synapse. In the example below we are going to use SYN as it offers 0% slippage and only 1 SYN to transact between the networks. It is more affordable then swapping USDC > BUSD.

Follow the below steps to begin swapping tokens between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

  1. Visit the Synapse protocol
  2. Select 'Connect Metamask Wallet'
  3. Click ''Ethereum' and 'BNB Chain' under networks
  4. Enter the amount of SYN you want to bridge
  5. Press 'Approve SYN' and follow the prompts

Bridging ETH to BNB Chain

After around 30 seconds, your SYN should arrive in your Metamask wallet on the Binance Smart Chain Network. To check if they have arrived, simply select the 'Binance Smart Chain Mainnet' and you will see your funds under 'SYN'.

BNB Wallet Metamask

Bridging Fees (Gas/Transaction)

When bridging from the Ethereum network to the Binance Smart Chain, it will cost around $20USD in gas (transaction) fees. Once your funds have landed on the Binance Smart Chain it will be a little less expensive to transact as Ethereum charges the most expensive gas fees out of any network.

Is Synapse Protocol safe to use?

Yes, Synapse is a relatively secure protocol for bridging your cryptocurrencies quickly. If you are having issues with bridging, you can contact the Synapse customer support team via Telegram, Twitter or Discord. Their online communities are available to contact 24/7 Monday - Friday, below is a screenshot of their Telegram group. If you would like to join their Telegram, simply follow this link.

Synapse Telegram Support Group

Alternative ETH to BSC Bridging Options

If you don't want to use Synapse and prefer to go via Binance, the expensive option is to go directly through Binance Chain, Binance's native bridging protocol. The reason we recommend not going through BNB Chain is that they charge about double what Synapse does and takes around 4-5 minutes to bridge. Which is considerably long when comparing to Synapse, which only takes 30 seconds to complete.

Bridge ETH to BNB

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