Can I bridge Crypto from Ethereum to Metis?

Yes, it is easy to bridge between the two networks by using Synapse, a multi-chain bridging protocol. Not only do they allow you to connect your MetaMask Wallet, they also support Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, Binance Smart Chain Wallet and Terra Station. Synapse is the largest bridging platform in DeFi and supports other popular blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Cronos and more.

Synapse Protocol.
Synapse Protocol.

How to bridge from Ethereum to Metis

As previously mentioned, the fastest and most affordable way to bridge crypto from Ethereum to Metis is by using Synapse Protocol. On Synapse, users can bridge a variety of tokens including ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, gOHM, SYN and many more. Follow the below steps to bridge your tokens from Ethereum to Metis.

  1. Visit the Synapse protocol and connect your MetaMask or Web3 wallet.
  2. Select 'Ethereum' and 'Metis' as your two networks.
  3. Enter the amount of USDC (or any tokens) that you want to bridge.
  4. Press 'Approve USDC' and follow the prompts on your MetaMask extension.
How to bridge from Ethereum to Metis.
How to bridge from Ethereum to Metis.

ETH to METIS Bridging Fees

When bridging from the Ethereum network to METIS, it is much more affordable than bridging from METIS to ETH. This is due to the fact the cost to transact on Ethereum is considerably higher than Layer 2's like METIS. The total cost to bridge funds between these networks is $5 - $10 AUD.

Is Synapse Safe?

Yes, Synapse is a secure protocol to bridge your cryptocurrencies quickly and with ease. If you are having issues with bridging (if your funds haven't arrived) you can contact the Synapse customer support team via Telegram, Twitter or Discord. Their online communities are available to contact 24/7.

Bottom Line

Bridging your crypto from Ethereum to Metis is the best way to take full advantage of DeFi. While there are other protocols available, Synapse Protocol is by far the most popular and trusted by millions of users worldwide. Make sure you always use a protocol that has a good track record and extensive customer support team available 24/7 when bridging your tokens.