Bridge From Ethereum (ETH) to Metis

Quick-Take: In this simple guide, we show you the easiest way to bridge from ETH to METIS using your Metmask Wallet.

You will first need to connect your Metamask wallet to Synapse, a blockchain bridging protocol. After connected you simply complete two transactions to bridge between the networks.

Timothy Wilson
May 22, 2022
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To bridge from Ethereum to METIS, investors will need use a Cross Chain DEX that enables multi-chain swaps where you can move tokens from one network to another.

Our bridging guides give weight to decentralised bridges over centralised bridges like Binance, because they are safer and generally cheaper.

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Can I bridge from ETH to Metis with Metamask?

Yes, it is now easier than ever to bridge between the two networks by using Synapse, a multi-chain bridging protocol. Not only do they allow you to connect your Metamask Wallet, they also support Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, Binance Smart Chain Wallet and Terra Station. In this guide, we will show you how to connect to Synapse using a Metamask wallet.

How and Where to bridge from ETH to Metis

If you want to bridge between ETH and Metis you only have two tokens you can receive on Metis. You can send USDT, USDC and DAI from Ethereum and you will receive m.USDC. The other token you can receive is Synapse's native token SYN, which can be swapped between any network. In the steps below we will use USDC as an example.

Follow the below steps to begin swapping tokens between the two networks.

  1. Visit the Synapse protocol
  2. Select 'Connect Metamask Wallet'
  3. Click ''Ethereum' and 'Metis' under networks
  4. Enter the amount of USDC you want to bridge
  5. Press 'Approve USDC' and follow the prompts

ETH to METIS Bridge Synapse

After around 30 seconds, your USDC should arrive in your Metamask wallet on the Metis Network. To check if they have arrived, simply select the Metis network and you will see your funds under 'm.USDC'.

METIS wallet Metamask

ETH to METIS Bridging Fees

When bridging from the Ethereum network to METIS, it is much more affordable than bridging from METIS to ETH. This is due to the fact the cost to transact on Ethereum is considerably higher than Layer 2's like METIS. You can refer to the photo below for the slippage tolerances and fees involved when using each network.

METIS to ETH Bridge Synapse

Is Synapse Safe?

Yes, Synapse is a secure protocol to bridge your cryptocurrencies quickly and with ease. If you are having issues with bridging (if your funds haven't arrived) you can contact the Synapse customer support team via Telegram, Twitter or Discord. Their online communities are available to contact 24/7 Monday - Friday.

Bridge Ethereum to METIS

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