Solana and Polygon Bridge Options

There are only two platforms that allow direct bridging between Polygon and Solana. The first is Portal Bridge, Solana's native bridging protocol and Allbridge, a multi-chain bridging platform. These are the only two bridges that allow bridging between Solana and other blockchain networks, most protocols only support bridging between EVM-compatible networks.

Out of the two above-mentioned platforms, we recommend using Allbridge. The platform offers a wider range of bridging token options in comparison to Portal Bridge, plus it has significantly lower fees and faster bridging speeds. In addition to low costs and speed, Allbridge provides an easy-to-navigate UI and is easy for crypto-beginners.

Allbridge Bridging Protocol.
Allbridge Bridging Protocol.

How to Bridge Crypto from Polygon to Solana

The fastest and most affordable way to send cryptocurrencies from the Polygon Mainnet to the Solana network is through the bridging protocol, Allbridge. It offers the lowest fees and fastest transaction times out of any bridging platform. For a video walkthrough, you can watch this Allbridge guide on bridging to Solana. Follow the below steps to bridge from Polygon to Solana.

  1. Connect your MetaMask or Web3 Wallet to Allbridge.
  2. Select Polygon and Solana as your two networks and select the asset you want to send.
  3. Enter the amount of you want to send and input your receiving Solana wallet address.
  4. Click ‘Approve’, confirm the MetaMask transactions and select ‘Send’.
  5. Follow the prompts and your funds will be available to view in your Solana wallet.
How to Bridge Crypto from Polygon to Solana.
How to Bridge Crypto from Polygon to Solana.

Polygon & Solana Web3 Wallet providers

There is only one wallet you can use on Allbridge to bridge from the Polygon network and it is MetaMask. As for bridging to the Solana network, there are multiple wallet providers including Sollet, Sollet Extension, Solflare Extension, Phantom & Exodus. You must have one Solana wallet and MetaMask installed on your browser prior to bridging between these networks.

What crypto can you bridge from Polygon to Solana?

When you bridge tokens between two networks, the token you send will not necessarily be the token you receive. This is because not all tokens are supported on every network. Below you can find the list of supported bridging tokens on Allbridge.

  • USDC - apUSDC
  • USDT - apUSDT
  • SOL - SOL
  • ABR - ABR
  • miMATIC - MAI
Allbridge: Supported Bridging Tokens.
Allbridge: Supported Bridging Tokens.

Bridging Fees: Solana and Polygon

When bridging between any networks, it's important to remember the fees that are involved. There are typically two costs to consider, the bridging fee and the gas fee. The bridging fee on Allbridge is a flat 0.3% of your transaction and the gas fee will vary depending on how congested the network is but it typically is around $10AUD through Allbridge.