How to Bridge Tokens from Ethereum to Harmony

Summary: If you want to bridge your cryptocurrencies from Ethereum to Harmony you will need to go through a secure bridging protocol like Synapse. Synapse allows users to bridge multiple tokens over 15 different networks.

Jennifer Leong
May 27, 2022
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We recommend using Synapse to bridge your tokens between Harmony and Ethereum as it has little to no fees and offers the quickest bridging time taking only 1 minute. Synapse allows bridging between Terra, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Aurora, BNB Chain, Boba Network, Cronos, DFK Chain, Fantom, Polygon, Metis, Moonbeam, Moonriver & Optimism.

Synapse Home Page

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Table of Contents

How to Bridge from Ethereum to Harmony One

The best way to bridge your cryptocurrencies from Ethereum to Harmony is through Synapse, a cross-chain DEX (decentralised exchange) that offers bridging services. We’re using USDC as the bridging token, you can also send USDT, DAI, FRAX, SYN, gOHM, nUSD, ETH & nUSD. Follow the steps to get started.

Step One: Visit Synapse and connect your Web3 Wallet
Step Two:
Select Ethereum and Harmony as your two chains
Step Three:
Input the amount of USDC you want to bridge

Bridge USDC from Ethereum to Harmony

Step Four: Confirm the transactions on Metamask and your funds will arrive in your wallet within a minute

Permission Access Metamask - Synapse
Ethereum to Hamony Bridge - Synapse

Harmony One RPC Details

Before bridging your crypto from Ethereum to Harmony One, you will first need to add the Harmony One network to your Metamask. To add this chain simply click networks on your Metamask extension and select ‘Add Network’, then fill in the details as per below.

How to Stake Harmony on Synapse

In addition to bridging tokens from Ethereum to Harmony, Synapse also offers staking options on the Harmony (and Ethereum) network. Earn up to 9.4% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) when staking your stablecoins on Synapse. Follow the below steps to get started.

Step One: Go to the ‘Pools’ tab and select the pool you want to invest in

Available Staking Pools - Synapse

Step Two: Input the amount you wish to invest and press ‘Deposit’ then approve the transactions on your Metamask wallet. We recommend depositing the underlying asset so you can receive positive slippage. You can see how much of each token has been deposited in the pool by referring to the ‘Currency Reserves’

Harmony 1ETH Pool - Synapse
Ethereum to Harmony One Bridge

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