How to Buy Crypto with a SelfWealth Alternative

Following our detailed investigation into the top trading platforms in Australia, we found that eToro was the best SelfWealth alternative for purchasing Cryptocurrency. Aussies can deposit AUD to eToro through various payment methods, including POLi, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, Skrill, PayPal or Neteller. 

Start trading over 3000 assets on eToro with this simple guide:

  1. Sign up to eToro for free and complete the verification requirements.
  2. Tap the 'Deposit Funds' button on the bottom left of your screen.
  3. Click 'AUD', select a payment method and deposit Australian dollars.
  4. Complete your deposit and buy your desired Crypto in the search bar.
How to Buy Crypto with a SelfWealth Alternative.

Buying Cryptocurrency Fees

eToro is the most cost-effective exchange in Australia as it does not charge for depositing AUD to its platform and only incurs a small $5 fee to withdraw funds to your bank account. The only cost to consider is the trading fee which is 1% anytime you buy or sell a Cryptocurrency. There are no hidden or account costs on eToro, making it the most affordable way to buy Crypto in the country.

Does SelfWealth allow Crypto Purchases?

No, as previously mentioned SelfWealth does not offer cryptocurrency trading on its platform. The primary focus of SelfWealth is providing users with an accessible and cost-effective way to trade stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Will SelfWealth offer Crypto in the future?

SelfWealth has indicated that it will offer Crypto in the future, but it is yet to confirm a date. Additionally, the company has not released any updates on this matter since November 2022. The platform has stated that when they offer Crypto, they will only support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Chainlink and UniSwap.

‍About SelfWealth

SelfWealth is an innovative, low-cost online trading platform designed to empower individual investors by offering access to a wide range of financial instruments. With an emphasis on simplicity and transparency, SelfWealth provides users with cutting-edge tools for portfolio management, real-time market data, and comprehensive research materials.

The platform promotes a sense of community by enabling users to compare their performance against others, fostering collaboration, and sharing investment insights. Operating on a flat-fee commission structure, SelfWealth ensures cost-effective trading solutions for both new and seasoned investors, making it an attractive option in the ever-evolving world of online investment.


To recap, SelfWealth does not currently offer cryptocurrency trading, and the only way to invest in digital assets is by going through an AUSTRAC-registered Cryptocurrency exchange. With competitive fees, a wide range of investment options, and user-friendly features, eToro is an excellent choice for SelfWealth customers looking to diversify their investment portfolios with Cryptocurrencies.