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How to buy Crypto with Suncorp Bank

Suncorp Bank does not currently offer services for their customers to buy Bitcoin or Crypto through their bank branch. However, they do let you deposit AUD for free and instantly to cryptocurrency exchanges like CoinSpot to get started investing.

Serah Huels
May 22, 2022
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Suncorp Bank is one of Australia's largest and most popular retail banks, boasting over 1 million customers across the country. Despite their size, they still do not provide any support for cryptocurrency trading, or crypto custody.

This means that Suncorp Bank account holders and digital investors will need to use a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Australia to buy crypto.

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How to Buy Crypto with a Suncorp Account

As a customer of Suncorp, you can deposit Australian Dollars instantly and freely to CoinSpot. The CoinSpot platform is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that offer completely free deposits and withdrawals for clients of Suncorp. They also offer low trading fees at 0.1%

Below is a simple guide to getting started with Suncorp.

  1. Sign up to CoinSpot Australia
  2. Submit your verification documents to complete your onboarding
  3. Visit the 'Deposit AUD' screen and connect your Suncorp account
  4. Deposit the amount of AUD you want to invest
  5. Select the 'Buy' screen in the navigation menu and select the crypto you want to buy
  6. Input the dollar amount you want to purchase and click 'Buy'!

Suncorp Cryptocurrency Policy

Suncorp does not have any adverse banking policies towards Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. They freely allow customers to deposit and withdraw from trusted and regulated cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

Buy Crypto with Suncorp Bank

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Serah is our Editor in Chief and was the first person to join the Buy Crypto Australia team. She is a digital & crypto native, having been in the space since 2015.

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