How to buy HEX Crypto in Australia

To purchase the HEX cryptocurrency in Australia, you will need to use a secure DEX (decentralised cryptocurrency exchange). We recommend using UniSwap, as it is the most secure and affordable DEX for Aussie investors.

Begin trading the HEX token with this step-by-step guide:

  1. Buy Ethereum from a secure, centralised Australian crypto exchange like CoinSpot.
  2. Send the Ethereum from your CoinSpot account to a MetaMask wallet.
  3. Visit UniSwap and select ‘ETH’ and ‘HEX’ as your two tokens.
  4. Input the amount of ETH you want to convert to HEX and click ‘Swap’.
How to buy HEX Crypto in Australia.

Buying Cryptocurrency Fees

The cosy to purchase Ethereum off CoinSpot is only 0.1% for the trading fee, and most AUD deposit methods on the exchange are also free. As for converting Ethereum to HEX on UniSwap, the fee will vary depending on how congested the Ethereum blockchain is at the time of the transaction. It will generally cost between 1% - 2% of your entire transaction amount.

‍Should I buy the HEX cryptocurrency?

As with any cryptocurrency, there are some risks associated with HEX. Firstly, the value can fluctuate significantly and unexpectedly, meaning users could lose money if they are not careful. Secondly, as HEX is based on the Ethereum blockchain, it is subject to the same risks as Ethereum. Finally, HEX is a new token, and there is always the possibility that it could fail to take off.

About HEX

HEX is a cryptocurrency that was created with the aim of providing a more efficient and effective way of handling transactions than traditional fiat currencies. The HEX token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and utilises smart contracts to facilitate transactions. What this means is that HEX can be used to send and receive payments without the need for a third party, such as a bank.

HEX is a cryptocurrency that was created in December of 2017. What makes HEX unique is that it pays interest to users who stake their tokens. The more HEX tokens you stake, the more interest you can earn. The HEX team is led by Richard Heart, a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency space. He is also the creator of BitcoinHEX, which was one of the first forks of Bitcoin.


To conclude, the HEX token is not available to buy on most licensed cryptocurrency exchanges and is only attainable via decentralised and unregulated trading platforms. The most secure way to invest in HEX is by buying Ethereum on a secure Aussie exchange like CoinSpot, then sending your ETH from CoinSpot to MetaMask and buying HEX on UniSwap.