What is CommSec Pocket?

CommSec Pocket is a simplified, user-friendly investment platform brought to you by Commonwealth Securities, the brokerage unit of Commonwealth Bank. Designed to lower the entry barrier for new investors, it offers various investment themes or "options", each comprising diverse Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). These investment themes, ranging from tech-centric to sustainable ones, allow investors to customise their portfolios in alignment with their risk tolerance and investment objectives. Users can initiate their investment journey with as little as $50, making it accessible to a wide audience.

CommSec Pocket

CommSec Pocket Available ETFs

CommSec Pocket gives investors a choice between 7 ETF options with easy-to-understand themes covering industries, markets and global sectors. Refer to the below list for a high-level overview of the available options:

  1. Aussie Top 200 (IOZ): This ETF tracks the performance of the 200 largest Australian companies listed on the ASX. It provides exposure to well-established firms, potentially offering stability and regular dividends.  It yields an average of 8% per annum.
  2. Global 100 (IOO): This ETF provides exposure to an index comprised of 100 large-cap global companies. Investors can diversify their portfolios with established international firms, spreading risk across different economies. It yields an average of 3.26% per annum.
  3. Emerging Markets (IEM): This ETF is for investors seeking exposure to emerging economies. It tracks an index comprising companies from developing nations like India, China, Brazil, and Russia, offering the potential for high growth. It yields an average of  9.49% per annum.
  4. Aussie Dividends (SYI): This ETF is focused on Australian companies known for their generous dividends. Ideal for income-focused investors, it provides potential regular income alongside capital appreciation. It yields an average of 6.73% per annum.
  5. Tech Savvy (NDQ): Tracking the NASDAQ-100 Index, this ETF offers exposure to some of the world's leading tech companies. Investors can tap into the fast-paced growth of the tech industry with this ETF. It yields an average of 21.75% per annum.
  6. Sustainability Leaders (ETHI): This ETF selects companies based on strict ethical standards, focusing on sustainability and responsible practices. Investors conscious of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues may find this ETF appealing. It yields an average of 22.20% per annum.‍
  7. Health Wise (IXJ): This ETF provides exposure to global healthcare companies. It's an opportunity to invest in the growing healthcare sector, which is driven by advancements in medical technology and an aging global population. It yields an average of 5.57% per annum.‍

These ETF options on CommSec Pocket provide investors with opportunities to diversify their investment portfolio across various sectors and regions. Whether you are an income-focused investor, a tech enthusiast, or a responsible investor prioritising ESG issues, CommSec Pocket has an ETF tailored to your investment goals.

What is the Best CommSec Pocket ETF?

If we were to base this decision on which ETF performed the best in the past year, then it would be the TechSavvy ETF at 34.78% growth. Although past performance is never indicative of future results, it's not guaranteed to return the same results as 2022. Another option is the Sustainability Leaders (ETHI) ETF, which is rising in popularity given its 22.20% return and the rise of 'Sustainable Projects' in this space.

What are the fees?

The major selling point of CommSec Pocket is that you can invest as little as $50 at a time with brokerage fees starting from just $2. For CommBank customers, no extra fees apply if you already bank with CBA or can open an account and get wages ($2000 per month) paid directly. This means you don't need to pay brokerage or management fees.

‍CommSec Pocket stands out with its competitive brokerage fees, charging a flat $2 for transactions up to $1,000 and 0.2% for transactions over $1,000. Its mobile app enhances the investing experience with a seamless interface and real-time insights, enabling informed decision-making. CommSec Pocket provides a simplified and affordable platform aiming to democratise wealth-building.


To conclude, the CommSec Pocket App is a great way for beginners to get started in financial markets. Users can easily automate their investing using the platform by setting $10 or $20 aside to automatically buy certain stocks. The CommSec Pocket is great for the low brokerage fees, and investing begins from just $50. If you are an experienced investor looking to trade over $2,500, we recommend using the standard CommSec Trading App.