What is Do Kwons Net Worth?

Do Kwons estimated net worth post-Terra collapse is around $100 million USD. Before the collapse, his net worth was around $12 billion USD. However, it's hard to speculate on the current figure as he has been out of the public eye since mid-2022 and has been held by the authorities since early 2023.

‍About Do Kwon

Born in South Korea, Do Kwon moved to the United States for his education. He pursued his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. His educational background paved the way for his ventures into the technology and blockchain space. At 22, Do launched his first startup, an e-commerce site focused on connecting overseas shoppers with Korean suppliers. 

In 2018, Do Kwon founded Terra alongside several other prominent tech entrepreneurs, including co-founder Lee Tae-jin from Kakao Talk and JB Lee from Dunamu (the creator of Upbit). Together, they created a new platform that aims to revolutionise digital payments by leveraging blockchain technology.

The Terra protocols stablecoin design was flawed, which ultimately led to the ecosystem's implosion. The price of Terra and UST (which was pegged 1:1 to USD) dropped to zero within a week. This caused a massive shift in retail investors' sentiment towards cryptocurrency and heavily affected the entire industry. Millions of investors' funds were wiped from the markets.

Do Kwon.
Do Kwon.

How did Do Kwon Accumulate his Wealth?

In the early 2020s, Do Kwon co-founded Terraform and LUNA. LUNA’s valuation skyrocketed due to its unique algorithm, which adjusts its supply to maintain price stability. Do Kwon’s wealth surged as LUNA became a widely adopted cryptocurrency for payments and savings and as he held a significant portion of its tokens.

Another major contribution of Do Kwon that catalysed his wealth accumulation was the launch of Anchor Protocol through Terraform Labs. Anchor Protocol aims to offer a savings platform with stable and attractive interest rates by utilising blockchain technology. This innovation brought further popularity to the Terra ecosystem, contributing significantly to Kwon's wealth.

Additionally, Do Kwon's wealth was bolstered by introducing Mirror Protocol. It's a decentralised finance (DeFi) platform that allows users to create and trade synthetic assets that mimic the price of real-world assets like stocks and commodities. This further diversified the Terra ecosystem, bringing in more users and consequently increasing the value of LUNA and Kwon's holdings.

Is Do Kwon in Jail?

Yes, Do Kwon is currently serving a four month sentence in prison in Monetegro while he is awaiting his extradition back to the United States or South Korea. However, Montenegro doesn’t have extradition treaties with either country so he is trying to stay in the jurisdiction. If extradited, he is facing a prison sentence of 100+ years for orchestrating a multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency fraud.


To sum up, Do Kwon, the tech prodigy and cryptocurrency entrepreneur, rose to fame through his pivotal role in creating Terra and LUNA. His education at Stanford University and his knack for innovation led him to develop a blockchain ecosystem that initially revolutionised the digital payments arena. At its peak, Kwon's net worth was an astonishing $12 billion USD, largely due to the astronomical growth of LUNA.

However, the abrupt collapse of Terra, caused by a flawed stablecoin design, resulted in a significant loss of investors' funds and severely tarnished Do Kwon's reputation. His net worth took a nosedive; as of 2023, it is around a mere $100 million. Moreover, Kwon finds himself embroiled in legal troubles and is currently incarcerated in Montenegro, facing the possibility of extradition and a lengthy prison sentence for alleged cryptocurrency fraud.