Supported Cryptocurrencies

There are currently 160 cryptocurrencies available to buy and sell on Easy Crypto including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, ApeCoin, Polygon and more. For a full list of the supported tokens, you can refer to its Our Cryptos list. If the token you want to invest in doesn’t appear on this list, you can make a request for the cryptocurrency to be added to the exchange by voting for it here

Vote for a New Coin on Easy Crypto
Vote for a New Coin on Easy Crypto.

Easy Crypto Trading & Forex Fees

When it comes to fees, Easy Crypto has some of the highest trading fees in Australia due to the fact that it does not support fiat currencies on its platform. Meaning in addition to trading fees you will also need to pay forex fees (foreign exchange fees). Most major Australian exchanges like CoinSpot or SwyftX do not charge forex fees to use the platform. 

Easy Crypto can charge anywhere between 1.2% to 3% in fees when trading cryptocurrencies which is considered very high when compared to CoinSpot which only charges 0.1%. 

Total Fees on Easy Crypto
Fees on Easy Crypto.

Security: Licensing & Regulation in Australia

Easy Crypto is properly regulated by AUSTRAC under the registration number DCE100581366-001 and its ABN is 17624780409. It is fully compliant with all Australian and New Zealand regulations. The exchange is considered relatively safe as it does not hold any customer funds on the platform. So if you were to lose your funds it would be an issue isolated to your wallet provider. 

Easy Crypto Mobile App

Unfortunately Easy Crypto does not currently support a mobile app version of its site. You can however add the website's home page on both iOS and Android as you would any other website. Technically, this is not an app but it can be viewed as an application on your mobile device. For a full walkthrough on how to add the Easy Crypto website to your mobile home screen, follow this guide

How to add Easy Crypto to Mobile Home Page
How to add Easy Crypto to Mobile Home Page.

Customer Support & Online Communities

You can currently reach the customer support team between 9 AM to 7 PM Monday to Friday via an online ticketing system. It regrettably does not offer a Live Support feature and users have reported that it can take up to 48 hours to get a response from the team. The platform does not offer support via phone or email (unless you have opened a ticket first). It also does not have any online communities such as Telegram or Discord. 

Easy Crypto Wallet

On Easy Crypto you have to use an external wallet to use the platform, you can use either a hot or software Wallet: for small amounts of crypto, it's easiest to use a hot wallet like Metamask, Edge, Exodus, or Trustwallet. If you’re wanting to store a bit more crypto and are worried about security you can use a hardware wallet like Trezor or Nano Ledger.

We recommend installing a wallet or buying one online before using Easy Crypto so you can easily use the platform. You can conveniently purchase hardware wallets on the Easy Crypto site but it is a little more expensive than buying them online through an electronics store. 

Easy Crypto Store
Easy Crypto Store.

Alternative Exchanges

If the fees are too high on Easy Crypto, or you simply want more features and assets to use, we recommend using the CoinSpot exchange. CoinSpot is Australia’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and offers a variety of features including trading on over 350 cryptocurrencies, crypto staking on over 30 tokens, an NFT marketplace and Bundles (similar to ETFs). If you’re interested in learning more about CoinSpot, you can visit our CoinSpot Review for more info.

Final Thoughts

Easy Crypto is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia that has a good track record and is properly regulated by AUSTRAC. While it can be seen as an expensive exchange due to its relatively high trading fees, Easy Crypto does offer many features that you won’t find on other exchanges such as staking/borrowing services and the ability to buy hardware wallets on the platform.

If you’re looking for a safe and secure exchange for buying, selling and storing crypto then Easy Crypto could be an option worth considering. However if fees are more important to you we recommend checking out CoinSpot or another Australian exchange with lower fees.