Can you use FTX in Australia?

No, the FTX trading platform is currently in liquidation following the collapse.

FTX Australia Post-Mordem

Documents obtained by Guardian Australia reveal that Australian regulators were actively surveilling cryptocurrency platform FTX six months before its collapse. FTX put its Australian companies into voluntary administration in November 2022 following its bankruptcy filing in the US. Around 30,000 Australian customers were owed money or cryptocurrency from the exchange, in amounts ranging up to $1m. While cryptocurrency is not currently regulated in Australia, FTX was operating in the country with an Australian financial services licence (AFSL) the company obtained by acquiring a company that already held one.

The licence was suspended by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) when FTX went into administration. The documents reveal that ASIC had expressed concerns about how FTX was operating in Australia and had issued notices to the company prior to its collapse.

What Now?

If you were caught up in the FTX scandal and need more information about what to do, you should visit the FTX Restructuring site.