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How to buy Kishu Inu Australia

In this guide, we will outline the safest way to buy Kishu Inu with a centralized exchange that supports the KISHU token. Get started with AUD in minutes.

Serah Huels
May 22, 2022
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The cheapest and easiest way to buy Kishu Inu as an Australian investor is via the exchange. To do this, you will need to buy USDT from a local exchange like CoinSpot, then transfer your USDT to

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How to buy Kishu Inu in Australia

The easiest way to buy Kishu Inu (KISHU) as an Australian investor with Australian Dollars is via the platform. They are a secure and global cryptocurrency exchange that offer over 500 different cryptocurrencies, including all of the popular meme coins.

To do this, you will need to firstly buy USDT (Tether) from a safe Australian exchange that accepts Australian Dollars like CoinSpot. The guide below provides a high-level overview of how to buy USDT.

  1. Sign up to CoinSpot
  2. Complete your onboarding and verification
  3. Deposit AUD from any Australian Bank account
  4. Select the Buy page and find buy USDT
  5. Input the amount you want to buy and execute your trade
Buying Kishu Inu CoinSpot
Enter 'USDT' into the search bar to find Tether (USDT) on CoinSpot.

Buy Kishu Inu on

When you have finished buying Tether (USDT) on the CoinSpot exchange, you must now send it to your deposit address. To access your deposit address, you must firstly sign up to, then you will be able to transfer your funds across.

Once you have deposited the USDT to, visit the Kishu Inu page and execute your order. If you are from the United States, check out this guide on how to onramp from the US and purchase Kishu Inu.

Buy Kishu Inu on
Kishu Inu trade execution page on

What is Kishu Inu Crypto?

Kishu Inu (KISHU) is a popular community coin that was built on the Binance Smart Chain network. Users who hold the KISHU token earn 2% of all transaction fees from KISHU tokens that get distributed automatically into wallets. This is one of many ways to earn passive income as a cryptocurrency investors.

Kishu Inu Price AUD

The chart below is a live price of Kishu Inu in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Buy Kishu Inu

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