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How to buy Safemoon in Australia

Quick-Take: The safest way to buy SafeMoon within Australia is to buy Tether (USDT) from CoinSpot, then send it to a account and trade it for the SAFEMOON token. Sign up to with this link to get 10% off fees when buying the SAFEMOON token.

Jennifer Leong
May 22, 2022
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Unfortunately, most Australian cryptocurrency exchanges like CoinSpot and SwyftX do not currently offer the option to trade coins like SafeMoon.

This is mostly because it is a relatively new token, which means that it may take some time to be listed on centralised trading platforms.

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How to buy SAFEMOON

The easiest and safest way to buy SafeMoon in Australia is to first sign up with an Australian exchange, we recommend using Coinspot as it is Australia's largest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange.

Follow the guide below to get started.

  1. Sign up to CoinSpot and buy Tether (USDT).
  2. Sign up to
  3. Send the USDT to your account.
  4. Visit the SafeMoon trading page
  5. Swap USDT for SAFEMOON tokens

Is reliable? is a safe and reputable cryptocurrency exchange that has been in operation for over 9 years. They are one of the earliest and largest cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. offers instant deposit and withdrawals, spot and futures trading, leveraged ETF's, liquidity mining & much more.

They offer low fees for over 800 different cryptocurrencies including SAFEMOON.

Should I buy SafeMoon?

Before buying SafeMoon, it is imperative to know that this is a valueless meme coin similar to Dogecoin. They claim to be a decentralised protocol that enables investors to earn passive rewards. They allow investors to earn interest by taking a 10% fee for every SAFEMOON trade. Part of the 10% fee then gets evenly distributed to investors, paying out actual dividends.

If you visit Safemoon's website, 4% of the 10% fee gets distributed to SAFEMOON token holders, the remaining 6% is added to liquidity, burned and added to the SafeMoon Ecosystem Growth Fund.

Alternative Decentralised Exchange Platform

If you want to buy SAFEMOON tokens on-chain, the easiest way is via an automated market maker like Sushiswap or Uniswap. The Uniswap (V2) pool has the best liquidity and lowest slippage, which means it will provide the best execution when compared to other AMM's on the Ethereum network.

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