Can I send funds from CoinSpot to MetaMask?

Yes, you can send over 380 cryptocurrencies from CoinSpot to MetaMask. Before you transfer funds, it’s important to ensure the tokens you send are Ethereum-based, as MetaMask can only store tokens from an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible network. For example, you cannot send Solana (SOL) from CoinSpot to Metamask as Solana is not on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to transfer Crypto from CoinSpot to MetaMask

As previously mentioned, the transaction between the two wallets will only take a minute to complete. Follow this short and simple guide to begin the transfer process from CoinSpot to MetaMask:

  1. Log in or sign up to CoinSpot and complete your identity verification.
  2. Deposit the token you want to send or funds to buy the crypto you wish to transfer.
  3. Head to 'Wallets', find the token you want to transfer and open the 'Send' tab.
  4. Input your desired amount, MetaMask wallet address, 2FA code, and click send.
How to transfer Crypto from CoinSpot to MetaMask

Does CoinSpot charge fees to withdraw crypto?

Yes, CoinSpot charges a small cost to cover the gas (network transaction) fee. For Ethereum, the exchange charges 0.0012ETH, which is less than $1 AUD. The fees vary depending on what token you're sending, but it's generally less than 0.1% of your transaction amount. CoinSpot has some of the lowest cryptocurrency withdrawal fees in Australia.

How long does the transfer from CoinSpot to MetaMask take?

Your funds will reflect in your MetaMask wallet within a minute of transferring them from CoinSpot. If you would like to check the status of your transaction, simply select 'Transactions', and you will be able to view it on-chain when you select 'View' and click the txid.


To sum up, transferring funds from CoinSpot to MetaMask is a quick process that only takes a minute to complete. If your funds haven’t arrived in your wallet within a minute, you can track your transaction on-chain by clicking the txid provided by CoinSpot. The cost to withdraw assets from the exchange to MetaMask is relatively cheap when compared to other popular platforms.