Key Features

Raiz is an innovative and user-friendly micro-investing app, designed for those looking to enter the world of investing with minimal financial commitment. Explore the innovative features of the Raiz app, designed to help users build a solid investment portfolio, even with small amounts of money. Discover the benefits of automated investing, custom portfolios, and financial education. Refer to the below for a quick overview of the application's features:

  1. Round-up Investments: Raiz's signature feature, the round-up investment mechanism, allows users to invest spare change by rounding up their everyday purchases to the nearest dollar. The difference is then automatically invested in the user's chosen portfolio, making accumulating wealth easily over time.
  2. Custom Portfolios: There’s a diverse range of investment portfolios designed to cater to various risk preferences and financial goals. Users can choose from conservative, moderately conservative, balanced, growth, and aggressive growth portfolios or even build a custom portfolio.
  3. Automated Investments: Users can set up recurring investments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, taking the guesswork out of market timing and promoting a disciplined, long-term investment strategy.
  4. Financial Education: Raiz emphasises financial literacy and offers an extensive library of educational resources, covering topics like budgeting, debt management, and investing basics.
  5. Raiz Rewards: The Raiz Rewards program enables users to earn cashback on purchases from participating retailers, which can be directly invested into their Raiz account.
  6. 24/7 Customer Support: Speak with the support team at anytime via both email and phone.
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Raiz Smart Portfolios

Raiz offers four different portfolios that vary based on perceived levels of risk from a range of Conservative to Aggressive. These Smart Portfolios contain various global stocks like Tesla, Facebook and Netflix. 

The standard portfolio provides five different options to choose from based on your risk tolerance. The Emerald portfolio has two ethical ETFs and is currently Raiz's best-performing portfolio with a 10.1% yield. The Sapphire portfolio includes a 5% allocated weighting to Bitcoin. The custom portoflio allows you to build your portfolio from a selection of ETFs and up to a 5% in BTC.

Mobile App

The Raiz app is incredibly intuitive and enables users to buy, sell and trade the available portfolios on the go. It also displays your investment portfolio with a simple interface. It is available on iOS and Android devices. The Raiz app is rated 4.7 stars out of 29K reviews and ranked #12 in the Finance category on the Apple App Store. On the Google Play Store, it is rated 4.6 stars out of 100K reviews.

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Fee Schedule

Raiz has different fees depending on how much you hold in your account and what portfolio you are investing in. For example, users who hold under $15K a month are charged a $3.5 monthly fee for a standard portfolio and investors who hold over $15K a month are charged a 0.275% monthly fee. Refer to the below list for a detailed summary of the fees charges on Raiz.

  • Standard Portfolios are $3.5 a month for accounts under $15k & 0.275% a year for accounts $15k+.
  • Custom Portfolios are $4.5 a month for accounts under $20k or 0.275% a year for accounts $20k+.
  • Sapphire Portfolios are $3.5 a month or 0.275% a year.

Customer Support

Raiz is one of the few finance applications that provide 24/7 live customer support through email ( and phone (1300 75 47 48). Additionally, the team can be reached via social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube.


Raiz is an all-in-one wealth management service that offers an excellent start to a saving and investment culture. It is perfect for beginner investors and will open doors to diversified high-end investment products at marginal costs. Its automated “round-up” technology and investment feature enhance investing discipline.