Raiz vs Spaceship

The Raiz Investment App is the better than Spaceship platform because that they offer more diversified portfolios, and a way for investors to get access to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Austin Barwick
June 26, 2022
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With so many new micro-investing apps popping up in Australia, it can be hard to find the right one that fits your needs.

In this review, we compare Raiz vs Spaceship as two of the leading micro-investing applications that are focused on delivering an easy user experience for newbie investors in Australia.

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Raiz Portfolio Options

The Raiz platform offers 7 prebuilt portfolios that allow you to safely invest. These preset portfolios consist of the most well-established stocks, ETFs, bonds and even cash products in some of the investment vehicles.

Each of the 7 portfolios provide different weightings of stocks, ETFs or bonds to enable different levels of risk. More conservative investors can select the portfolio with a higher percentage of cash if they do not like the volatility that comes with holding growth stocks like Facebook and Tesla.

Raiz even offers a portfolio that provides a 5% allocation to Bitcoin if you are interested in holding digital assets.

Spaceship Voyager Portfolio Options

Spaceship Voyager provides slightly less portfolio options than Raiz with their 3 diversified portfolio options. Spaceship allows you to invest in one, or all three simultaneously which is a great way to hedge your risk if you are unsure which portfolio works for you. Their portfolio options are summarised below:

  • Spaceship Origin: Tracks the top 100 stocks passively
  • Spaceship Universe: Actively managed fund that tracks top global stocks
  • Spaceship Earth: Comprised of companies that provide a positive impact to carbon emissions

Spaceship Voyager vs Raiz: Fees

The fees for both platforms are very low because they are both optimised for new investors that may not have thousands to buy and sell stocks. Raiz currently charges $3.50 per month for users who actively dollar cost average into their investment vehicles.

Spaceship Voyager is slightly cheaper than Raiz and charges $2.50 per month for balances of over $100 on the platform


Both platforms effectively offer the same product, cheap and easy access to stocks through an intuitive mobile application. Further from a fees standpoint, there is only a dollar different on a monthly basis that puts Spaceship Voyager slightly ahead.

With that said, I generally prefer Raiz over Spaceship Voyager due to the fact that they have 7 different portfolios to choose from as opposed to 3. Further, I like the fact that Raiz offers investors access to the latest investment opportunities like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets.

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