How to Bridge Solana to Fantom

Bridging cryptocurrency from Solana to Fantom can be securely done through the cross-chain DEX, Allbridge. The platform allows users to seamlessly move tokens between their Solana wallet and Fantom EVM wallet (like MetaMask) for low fees. The available bridging tokens are ABR, FTM, SOL & USDC.

Begin the bridging process with this step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit Allbridge and select Solana and Fantom as your two networks.
  2. Select the Solana Wallet you want to bridge from (Sollet, Phantom or Solflare).
  3. Select the asset you want to bridge from Solana to Fantom.
  4. Input the number of tokens you want to send and the destination wallet address to execute the transaction.
How to Bridge Solana to Fantom

Solana to Fantom Bridging Fees

The fees for bridging cryptocurrencies between Solana and Fantom are incredibly cheap because they are both Proof-of-Stake networks. You can expect to pay a maximum of $5 to move tokens between both networks. You can view the total transaction costs and associated fees before in the quote before you bridge your assets.

Required Wallets

As these two blockchains are built with different smart contract technology, you cannot use one wallet to store the assets on both networks. You will need to acquire both a Solana and EVM-compatible wallet before beginning the bridging process. Allbridge supports the following Solana wallets - Phantom, Solflare Extension & Exodus, and it accepts MetaMask for the Fantom wallet.


To recap, bridging assets from Solana to Fantom can be effectively accomplished using Allbridge. This platform is a standout in its support for directly bridging these two networks, which other popular protocols, such as Synapse, do not offer due to Solana's incompatibility with EVM-based blockchains. Users can safely transfer ABR, FTM, SOL or USDC from their Solana wallet to MetaMask.