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Quick-Take: SuperRare is the best NFT Marketplace for boutique and high-end 3D artists. Their platform is the most popular amongst wealthy NFT investors that have been investing in the space since its inception in 2017.

Jennifer Leong
May 22, 2022
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SuperRare is a platform that links NFT (non-Fungible Token) creators and artists with potential buyers by allowing them to advertise their art on it’s marketplace. You can think of it as Ebay but for digital assets and specifically SuperRare and hard to attain NFT’s. 

SuperRare was the first exclusive rare NFT marketplace on the Ethereum network and focuses on the quality of art over the quantity, unlike most NFT marketplaces.

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SuperRare Fees

SuperRare incurs an initial one-time 15% commission fee for all it’s creators but to subsidise the fee, the creator will receive a lifetime 10% royalty fee on that piece of art. Meaning every time their NFT sells, the creator will receive a 10% commission fee of the sale.

Every buyer also incurs a 3% flat fee. SuperRare is considered one of the more pricier NFT Marketplaces but if you compare it to a real art gallery it’s quite affordable as they charge anywhere between 30-60% commission on their artworks. 

SuperRare NFT Wallets

SuperRare has integrated with a myriad of secure crypto wallets, which means you can store NFTs in many different ways.Some of the wallets supported include:

  • Wallet Connect
  • Metamask
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Fortmatic
  • Rainbow Wallet
  • Argent Wallet

How to buy NFTs on SuperRare

The best way to buy NFT’s on SuperRare is by following this simple guide:

  1. Buy Ethereum from a trusted local exchange like CoinSpot
  2. Create a Web3 wallet, we recommend MetaMask
  3. Transfer Ethereum from CoinSpot to your MetaMask wallet
  4. Sign up to SuperRare and connect your Metamask 
  5. Browse NFTs on the Marketplace
  6. Approve Ethereum to transact and hit buy

SuperRare Market

Is SuperRare Safe?

SuperRare is considered extremely safe due to it being secured by the power of the Ethereum network.  When a sale occurs, the smart contract you agree to when listing or bidding on an NFT activates and pulls the funds from your wallet, in exchange depositing the funds you are owed, or vice versa. All transactions are secured by the blockchain and verifiable.

SuperRare Review Conclusion

The edge that SuperRare has is the exclusivity of its platform, which helps to generate infamous high sale prices. Additional to this, artists receive a lifetime 10% royalty of every secondary sale of their art. 

SuperRare, unlike it’s popular competitors OpenSea and Rarible focus on the quality and rarity of their art and consider themselves as the high-end art gallery of the NFT world. The platform positions itself as more a curator selecting high-quality NFT artists who produce unique works of art.

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