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SwyftX Referral Code

Summary: This guide breaks down what the SwyftX referral program is, how to claim the referral bonus and how to earn more money by referring others. Follow this link to sign up with SwyftX and claim your first $20 AUD bonus.

Serah Huels
August 13, 2022

SwyftX is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange based out of Brisbane and is home to over 500,000 Australian investors. It is the second largest exchange in Australia and offers the best referrals/affiliates program available to Aussie traders.

With the SwyftX referrals program users can earn passive income that you can invest in cryptocurrencies or withdraw to your bank account. On SwyftX there are a myriad of features you can use the bonuses with/on like cryptocurrency staking.

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What is SwyftX referral bonus?

The SwyftX referrals bonus is what new users receive when they use a referral code to sign up. The bonus will vary depending on the referrer, most referrers offer $10 bonuses but it can get as high as $20. If you sign up with our referral code you can get a $20 sign up bonus.

SwyftX Affiliates Program.
SwyftX Affiliates Program.

How to use the SwyftX referral code

Follow the below steps to claim your SwyftX referral bonus and begin earning your more AUD.

  1. Follow this link to sign up with SwyftX
  2. Fill in your details and verify your phone number and email (you can skip this initially and verify later).
Create an account on SwyftX
  1. Create a password and you will have access to your SwyftX account. Check your wallet to see your sign up bonus.
How to use the SwyftX Referral Code.
How to use the SwyftX Referral Code.

Where to use the SwyftX referral bonus

You can use the referral bonus to buy cryptocurrencies on the platform then stake them for additional yields. SwyftX allows staking on 20 cryptocurrencies with APY (returns) up to 80%. Or you can withdraw the AUD directly from SwyftX to your bank account.

On the SwyftX platform you can use the bonus for a variety of reasons including investing in bundles (crypto ETFs) and using it at the SwyftX shop to buy a ledger wallet.

SwyftX Cryptocurrency Staking.
SwyftX Cryptocurrency Staking.

Is the SwyftX referrals program different to the affiliates program?

No, the referrals/affiliates program is the same feature. The referrals program gives the referee a $10 - $20 AUD sign up bonus for using the referrers code and in return the referrer gets 30% lifetime commissions of its referees trading fees. This is considered very high compared to other exchanges like only offer a one time small sign up bonus.

SwyftX Referral Link

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