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WAGMI & NGMI Meaning in Crypto

Summary: In this short article, we cover what NGMI & WAGMI means, where they originated from and how to use the phrases in a sentence.

James O'Connell
August 13, 2022

NGMI or “Not gonna make it” is commonly used to describe situations in the crypto world when one makes a bad decision, like selling the bottom despite all market indications that the token's value is on an upward trend. Many of the crypto community on Twitter, Reddit, Discord and Telegram say NGMI as a way to ridicule retail users/crypto beginners that fail to understand basic crypto concepts.

WAGMI stands for “We’re all gonna make it” and is used to express ones bullish outlook after taking actions that are believed to lead to successful outcomes. It is widely used by the crypto community to build confidence in a project and to encourage the community to diamond hands it.

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Who created the phrase WAGMI & NGMI? 

WAGMI (We're All Gonna Make It) and NGMI (Not Gonna Make It) were catchphrases from 4chan's fitness board /fit/ that were popularised by the iconic Australian bodybuilder Zyzz. In late 2020, both phrases were picked up by the crypto community as a way to indicate that the market was going up or down. 

During one of his motivational speeches uploaded on Youtube in March 2012 (02:19), Zyzz is quoted saying "we're all going to make it bro." This quickly became a popularised catchphrase within the online bodybuilding community, the phrase became a way of comforting each other as a form of coping with real-life struggles. 

WAGMI Origin Story - Zyzz on VICE
WAGMI Origin Story - Zyzz on VICE

When to use the terms WAGMI and NGMI

If you would like to use the terms WAGMI and NGMI we recommend using them in the below instances: 

  1. In an NFT community: “GM, our floor price is up today WAGMI!” or “You sold your NFT at the bottom? You’re NGMI”
  2. On Crypto Twitter: “The price of Bitcoin has risen 10% in the last 24 hours WAGMI” or “The FED has risen interest rates by 8%, we’re NGMI”
  3. In real life: “Great results on your last exam, WAGMI” or “Hey, I’ve run out of fuel we’re NGMI”

Other Cryptocurrency Slang and Idioms

Although WAGMI and NGMI are the two most popular acronyms in Crypto, there are a myriad of phrases that are also used day-to-day.

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Zyzz "WAGMI" video

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James O'Connell has been writing about traditional markets for over 5 years. He pivoted to writing about digital assets after learning about lending protocols like AAVE and Compound.

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