What does WAGMI Mean?

WAGMI is an acronym that stands for "We're All Gonna Make It". It's a phrase of optimism and assurance, often used in the context of cryptocurrency trading and investments. The term is commonly used to boost morale among investors, especially during volatile market conditions. It serves as a rallying cry that despite the ups and downs of the market, everyone involved will eventually succeed or "make it."

The term has transcended its initial usage within niche online communities to become a mainstream term. It's not just a phrase, it's a sentiment that captures the zeitgeist of a new generation of investors navigating the complexities of decentralised finance, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency. The term has even found its way into merchandise, memes, and mainstream media, further solidifying its cultural impact.

What does NGMI Mean?

NGMI stands for "Not Going to Make It." In the context of finance and cryptocurrency, this phrase is often used to describe an investment, project, or individual perceived to lack the potential for success or profitability. The term is frequently employed in online forums, social media, and other digital platforms where discussions about investments and market trends take place.

The term "NGMI" gained prominence in the online world, particularly within the cryptocurrency and finance communities. It's widely accepted that the term became popular on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, where users discuss investment strategies, market analysis, and the future of various financial assets. The acronym is often used in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner to comment on poor investment choices or to critique projects that are deemed to be lacking in potential.

Who created the phrases WAGMI & NGMI? 

The term WAGMI has its roots in internet culture and was popularised within online communities focused on trading and investing. The phrase encapsulates the collective optimism and unity among participants in these online spaces, who often share tips, strategies, and emotional support. These catchphrases originated from 4chan's fitness board /fit/ popularised by the iconic Aussie bodybuilder Zyzz. In late 2020, both phrases were picked up by the crypto community as a way to indicate that the market was going up or down. 

During one of his motivational speeches uploaded on YouTube in March 2012 (02:19), Zyzz is quoted saying, "we're all going to make it bro". This quickly became a popularised catchphrase within the online bodybuilding community, the phrase became a way of comforting each other as a form of coping with real-life struggles. 

WAGMI Origin Story on VICE
VICE - WAGMI Origin Story.


To sum up, WAGMI is more than just an acronym, it's a cultural and financial phenomenon that embodies the spirit of collective optimism in the face of uncertainty. Originating from online communities and making its way into mainstream dialogue, the term serves as both a motto and a mindset for investors in today's rapidly evolving financial landscape. Both WAGMI and NGMI were created by the Australian bodybuilder, Zyzz.