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Quick-Take: eToro is the best cryptocurrency exchange for Australian investors due to their competitively low fees and large selection of digital assets to invest in.

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eToro and are two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia and globally. Both platforms offer a wide variety of features that enable customers to get unfettered access to digital assets, DeFi yields, and much more.

In this guide, we will compare both platforms to help you determine which is best for your specific needs. As a high-level overview, we have put together a comparison table for a quick summary of key features & fees.

eToro vs vs eToro
Cryptos Available
Trading Fees
0% (no commissions)
Available Assets
Cryptos, Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, Options & More
Crypto only
Crypto Staking
NFT Marketplace & NFT Wallet
Multi-Asset Brokerage
Overall Best

Table of Contents

eToro vs Fees

eToro has the lowest trading fees out of any cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Investors will not incur any trading fees when buying cryptocurrencies on eToro, they also offer 0% commission on all stocks. They make up their losses by having wider spreads than other exchanges, however, their spreads are considerably narrow when compared to also supports 0% trading fees but has very wide spreads, so you end up spending more on their exchange because of the spread difference.

Watchlist of assets on eToro Australia.

Supported Assets has one of the largest selection of cryptocurrencies to invest in out of any centralised cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Falling second to only Binance, which supports 1440 tokens. However, Australian users only have access to over 40 tokens - which is a significantly degraded experience compared to users in the United States.

eToro may be limited in terms of cryptocurrencies available to invest in, they currently support 60 tokens. However, they offer the option to trade commodities, ETF’s (Exchange Traded Fund), FIAT currencies and most major stocks. Thus making it one of the most popular digital asset investing platforms globally.


Both of the exchanges are regulated by ASIC and AUSTRAC making them both extremely safe cryptocurrency exchanges. was the first cryptocurrency exchange in the world to be awarded the ISO/IEC 27701:2019 certification. They also obtained their CCSS Level 3, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and PCIDSS v3.2.1 Level 1 compliance.

eToro vs Final Verdict

For Australians, eToro Australia is by far the best cryptocurrency investing platform. This is due to their zero trading fees, diverse range of digital assets to invest in (stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETF’s, commodities, FIAT currencies plus more) and high security measures they have in place to prevent cyber attacks and hacking.

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