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eToro vs SwyftX

Quick-Take: eToro is the better trading platform compared to SwyftX because it offers more assets (stocks, ETFs, commodities) and has lower trading fees.

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eToro Australia and SwyftX are the two most highly regarded cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms in the country. That said, many investors struggle to decide whether eToro or SwyftX is the best platform for their trading needs.

This eToro vs SwyftX review has been put together to help Aussie investors decide which brokerage platform is not only the best in Australia, but the best for their specific needs.

eToro vs SwyftXSwyftX vs eToro
Cryptos Available
Trading Fees
0% (no commissions)
Available Assets
Cryptos, Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, Options & More
Crypto only
Crypto Staking
NFT Marketplace & NFT Wallet
Multi-Asset Brokerage
Overall Best

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eToro vs SwyftX: Available Markets

SwyftX offers the greatest diversity of cryptocurrencies with over 300 different digital assets listed on their platform. They are incredibly quick to list the latest metaverse coins, NFT platforms and growing layer 1s and have developed a massive community on this basis.

eToro on the other hand only offers 60 different cryptocurrencies on their platform. That said, eToro also offers global stocks (like Facebook, Tesla and Google), ETFs, commodities like Gold and Silver and much more.

Draw: If you are only looking to trade cryptocurrencies, SwyftX is the exchange for you. If you are interested in trading the best crypto assets, as well as stocks and commodities on one platform - then eToro is the exchange for you.

eToro and SwyftX
Watchlist of assets on eToro.

Trading Fees

SwyftX is one of the cheaper instant buy cryptocurrency exchanges, with a flat trading fee of 0.6% per transaction. This is relatively cheap compared to other Australian cryptocurrency exchanges like CoinSpot who charge 1% per trade.

eToro on the other hand is the cheapest exchange in Australia when it comes to fees thanks to their zero commissions on all trades.

eToro Wins: eToro is the significantly cheaper exchange because they charge 0% fees on cryptocurrencies, stocks and all of their tradeable markets.

Which Platform offers better Security?

eToro is one of the longest running platforms in the world having been founded way back in 2008 by well known entrepreneur Yoni Assia. SwyftX on the other hand is relatively new and was founded in 2017 - which highlights that they are not quite battle-hardened and tested over time.

SwyftX and eToro are both based in Australia and are regulated by AUSTRAC and ASIC - making them licensed and secure trading platforms.

eToro Wins: Time in the market is important, and eToro wins out thanks to their 15 years operating a trading platform at the highest level.

Is eToro better than SwyftX?

To provide a quick summary, we believe that eToro is an all-round better trading platform when compared to SwyftX. This is for a few reasons, namely eToro has considerably cheaper fees, a wider range of tradable markets and is a trusted global brand.

To highlight these points, we have put together a summary table below for you to quickly compare the key features of eToro vs SwyftX.

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