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How to buy Terra LUNA Australia

Quick-Take: The easiest way to buy Terra (LUNA) in Australia is with CoinSpot. Their platform allows you to buy, stake and earn 8.1% APY on LUNA tokens.

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Terra (LUNA) is a smart contract platform that was designed to help maintain the US Dollar peg of an algorithmic stablecoin called UST. This token economic model as since collapsed and Do Kwon alongside Terra Labs have released Terra2.0.

This guide outlines the best way to buy and stake Terra (LUNA) in Australia.

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How to buy Terra (LUNA) Crypto in Australia

The best way to buy Terra LUNA in Australia is through the CoinSpot digital asset trading platform. They offer the best user experience, the lowest AUD deposit fees, and a product that lets you earn 8.1% APY when you stake your LUNA tokens.

Follow this simple guide to buy LUNA:

Step 1: Sign up to the CoinSpot Australia cryptocurrency exchange.

Buy Terra LUNA on CoinSpot

Step 2: Find the 'Deposit Funds' button on your dashboard and select any available method to deposit AUD. PayID and Osko deposits are free for deposits over $1,000.

Deposit AUD

Step 3: Find the LUNA token in CoinSpot's buy/sell token list.

Terra LUNA Classic CoinSpot

Step 4: Input the amount of AUD you want to buy in Terra (LUNA) tokens and execute the transaction. Once you make your purchase, your LUNA will be automatically stored in your CoinSpot managed wallet on their platform.

Is buying Terra2.0 and LUNA safe?

The Terra (LUNA) token without the UST stablecoin offers significantly less value than the initial protocol design. Terra2.0 is only intended to serve the LUNA ecosystem DeFi protocols like Anchor, Astroport and TerraSwap. This means Terra will now act as a Layer 1 blockchain like Ethereum, Solana and Avalanche.

You can read more about the Terra2.0 Ecosystem Revival Plan that was published by Do Kwon in the Terra Governance forum. The proposal also outlines Terra2.0 airdrop details to compensate those who were affected by the UST depeg and LUNA crash.

Exchanges like CoinSpot have announced they will automatically airdrop their users Terra2.0 in Australia.

How to Stake Terra (LUNA) in Australia

The easiest way to stake Terra (LUNA) is on the CoinSpot platform. They are the only exchange in Australia that lets you earn over 8% APY on staked LUNA tokens. This is significantly higher than alternative platforms like SwyftX and Digital Surge who only offer 6% farming yields.

Terra LUNA Alternative Exchanges Australia

Compare the three best exchanges to buy Cryptos in Australia like Terra (LUNA).

Buy Luna CoinSpotBuy LUNA BinanceBuy Terra SwyftX
Cryptos Available
Trading Fees
0.1 - 1%
Terra (LUNA) Staking
Terra Network Withdrawals
24/7 Local Support
Overall Best

Terra (LUNA) Price AUD

The chart below is the live price of Terra LUNA in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Visit CoinSpot

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