How to Stake Crypto Australia

Quick-Take: When it comes to staking cryptocurrencies in Australia, CoinSpot offers the best yields and the most diverse staking options. CoinSpot offers returns up to 78% APY and staking on over 30 cryptocurrencies including Avalanche and Solana.

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For beginners, we recommend avoiding DEXs (Decentralised Exchange) to stake your cryptocurrencies as you will need to pay high gas (transaction) fees. The easiest way to stake your crypto in Australia is by going through an off-chain centralised cryptocurrency exchange.

We have curated a list of Australia's best cryptocurrency exchanges and have highlighted what yields (returns) you can get back and how many different cryptos you can stake. Overall, we recommend using CoinSpot for their features, security and low fees.

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The best exchange to stake your crypto

CoinSpot is the perfect platform for beginners that want exposure into staking, using the staking feature on CoinSpot is just as simple as trading crypto. They are also one of the only exchanges that don't charge any fees for staking. In addition to the clean interface, it also offers the highest yields (APY) out of any cryptocurrency investing platform.

Is Crypto Staking Safe?

The biggest risk you can face with crypto staking is that the price goes down. This is the same risk you take when you invest in a token and trade or hold it.

It is best to keep this in mind if you find cryptocurrencies offering extremely high staking APYs. Generally when a token has a high APY, that indicates it's volatile.

Coinbase Staking APY

Please see the below tokens and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) you can currently earn on Coinbase.

(ALGO) Algorand - 5.75% APY*
(ADA) Cardano - 2.6% APY*
(ATOM) Cosmos - 5% APY*
(DAI) Dai - 0.15% APY*
(ETH) Ethereum - 3.67% APY*
(XTZ) Tezos - 4.63% APY*

CoinSpot Staking APY

Please see the below tokens and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) you can currently earn on Coinspot.

(ADA) Cardano - 5.1% APY*
(ALGO) Algorand - 6% APY*
(ATOM) Cosmos - 10.9% APY*
(AVAX) Avalanche - 6.9% APY*
(AXS) Axie Infinity - 78% APY*
(BNB) BNB - 5% APY*
(CRO) - 11.1% APY*
(DOT) Polkadot - 12.5% APY*
(EGLD) Elrond Gold - 12.1% APY*
(FTM) Fantom - 4.2% APY*
(FLOW) Flow - 6.5% APY*
(KAVA) Kava - 23.5% APY*
(KSM) Kusama - 18.5% APY*
(LUNA) Terra - 8.1% APY*
(MATIC) Polygon - 12.8% APY*
(ONE) Harmony - 9.2% APY*
(SOL) Solana - 6.6% APY*
(TRX) TRON - 5.9% APY*
(VRA) Verasity - 19.2% APY*
(WAN) Wanchain - 6.3% APY*
(XTZ) Tezos - 4.2% APY*
(ZIL) Zilliqa - 15% APY*

SwyftX Staking APY

Please see the below tokens and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) you can currently earn on SwyftX.

(ADA) Cardano - 4.6% APY*
(ALGO) Algorand - 8.3% APY*
(ATOM) Cosmos - 11.4% APY*
(AXS) Axie Infinity  - 101.3% APY*
(BTC) Bitcoin - 5.12% APY*
(DOT) Polkadot - 12.7% APY*
(EGLD) Elrond - 12.74% APY*
(ETH) Ethereum - 5.12% APY*
(FLOW) Flow - 6.18% APY*
(LUNA) Terra - 6.18% APY*
(KAVA) Kava - 25.85% APY*
(KSM) Kusama - 19.71% APY*
(MATIC) Polygon - 12.74% RPY*
(ONE) Harmony - 8.32% APY*
(SOL) Solana - 6.18% APY*
(XTZ) Tezos - 3.97% APY*
(TAUD) True AUD - 5.33% APY*
(TRX) Tron - 5.97% APY*
(USDC) USD Coin - 6.71% APY*
(USDT) Tether - 6.71% APY*
(ZIL) Zilliqa - 13.88% APY*

eToro Staking APY

Please see the below tokens and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) you can currently earn on eToro.

Cardano (ADA), Ethereum (ETH) & Tron (TRX) - The APY for eToros tokens are calculated differently every month. Please refer to this article on how to calculate your APY.

*APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is estimated and is subject to change.

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