Key Features

SelfWealth’s online trading platform is highly regarded thanks to their diverse suite of trading tools and products. The list below provides a high-level overview of some of the key aspects associated with trading on the SelfWealth platform in Australia.

SelfWealth Mobile App: SelfWealth offers one of the best mobile trading applications in Australia. Their platform allows you to buy & sell any stock listed on their platform any time via iOS or Android. The SelfWealth mobile trading app does not charges extra fees like CommSec, who charges an extra $10 if you buy a stock from your mobile device, compared to going through the CommSec web app.

Flexible Order Types: Unlike other simplified trading platforms like Stake, SelfWealth allows investors and traders to set ‘good until end date’ orders. This essentially means that you can place an order for a share at a certain price, which you can leave open until a date chosen by you. This feature makes it easy to place set and forget orders that allow you to patiently buy the dips.

SelfWealth Premium: When you first create your account on the platform, SelfWealth will enable their Premium service for free for the first 90 days. This gives you access to live pricing information, stock analysis, detailed reports, and much more. Once your 90 days expire, SelfWealth Premium costs a monthly subscription fee of $20.

Securely Managed Funds: All Australian Dollar deposits on SelfWealth are securely held in ANZ Bank accounts. This means that in the event of insolvency by SelfWealth, customers will still be able to claim their funds back as they are in a closed trust held in the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group accounts.

SelfWealth App: iPhone Screenshot.
SelfWealth App: iPhone Screenshot.

Available Markets

The SelfWealth brokerage platform allows users to trade both Australian, Hong Kong and US Markets for very low fees. Trading ASX and US Stock shares on SelfWealth are also CHESS sponsored, which means that you own the shares directly in your name. Some platforms allow you to buy shares, however they hold the legal rights to the assets. This is one of SelfWealth's best features.

SelfWealth: Available Markets.
SelfWealth: Available Markets.

Fees Schedule

SelfWealth is known in Australia for being the lowest fee share trading service. Their platform currently offers a fixed fee on both Australian and US market trades at $9.50 per transaction. This ultimately means that if you are trading larger sizes, you will not get hurt by expensive commissions that scale with your order. This is the only fee charged on SelfWealth, there are no additional fees.

SelfWealth: Price Comparison.
SelfWealth: Price Comparison.

How do I sign up to SelfWealth?

Getting started on SelfWealth is very straightforward. New accounts can get signed up and have access to trading all in the same day. The guide below provides a quick overview on how to start trading on SelfWealth.

  1. Create a free account (personal, company, SMSF or trust).
  2. Transfer Australian Dollars via Bank Transfer or BPAY.
  3. Select the market you want to trade, and then stock to buy.
  4. Once you have made your first investment, monitor your portfolio.
SelfWealth: Sign Up Page.
SelfWealth: Sign Up Page.

Customer Support

SelfWealth offers 24/7 customer support via live chat and email (, but unfortunately do not provide phone support. They can however be reached via one of their many online communities including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & Reddit.

The Bottom Line

SelfWealth is the best Australian brokerage platform thanks to their low fees that are fixed at $9.95 per trade. It also offers a significantly better user experience than alternatives like CommSec or ANZ Share Investing because of their modern user interface. We recommend SelfWealth to any Australian investor looking to get safe access to the top Australian and US Markets.

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